Burger King‘s slogan, “Have it your way,” is really just an invitation for trolling, isn’t it? I mean, when you tell people you can have your food served to you in any manner you like, someone is going to take advantage of that general concept and abuse it for ridiculous purposes. And it will always be funny.

That’s what the folks at RocketNews24 did, when they continued their tradition of being dicks to their local Burger King establishment, this time by ordering nearly 80 bucks worth of extra pickles on their double Whopper, which comes out to over 700 pickle slices. An employee had to tape smaller wrappers together to make it to go.


That’s an impressive burger building! You have to really admire the structural integrity of the pickle tower.

So how did it taste? They say it tasted like one regular burger and a bunch of pickles… Yeah, what else were you really expecting ? As it turns out, they couldn’t actually eat it, so they just shared the pickles around the office.


They’ve done this before to BK, ordering a burger with 1,000 slices of cheese, one with 100 slices of onion, and another with 1,000 slices of bacon (ed – 1,000 slices of bacon on anything is a win in my books).

You can head over to the RocketNews24 website to read the full story and see even more of the ridiculous pictures they took.

Images: RocketNews24

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