On Saturday night we made our way down to Cellar at Q Theatre, found a seat near the front, and waited expectantly for our comedy duo of Matthew Harvey and Scott W Long to arrive. Their festival show “Dangerman and Awkward Boy” manages to brilliantly convey the entire spectrum of social personality traits from social anxiety to straight up confident and fearless – all while being side-splitting funny.

The line-up show is brought neatly together with a double-act introduction and a finale you have to see to believe. Scott W Long is a breakout star of the stand up comedy circle, having appeared in both Next Big Things and kicked off the entire season with his first comedy festival show on Saturday. Matthew, on the other hand, has great experience in performing poetry and musical numbers as a Fringe performer, with comedy a more recent endeavour. The pair deciding to write a show together was a very good call.

Saturday night was a triumph. Their contrasting styles both in writing and delivery make this an entertaining show with twists you really can’t expect. In fact, by the end of the show I looked like a panda due to crying my make up off from laughing so hard. And that’s the best you can hope for, really.

The show subtly unpacks ideas of identity, self-doubt, and self-assurance, bringing to light different sides of each performer’s personalities. Scott and Matthew weave these relatable themes into their material and keep the audience clued in on how their confidence levels fluctuate when they are on and off stage.

Scott W Long talked the audience through cleverly written jokes in quick succession. His slightly nervous on-stage persona was counteracted by his acknowledgement that he was confident on stage even when he didn’t seem it. Self-aware jokes were a successful running gag of the night. His riffs on how annoying he and Jesus find it when people use their names when they aren’t speaking to them also received a great reaction.


Matthew had an incredibly strong set of poetry and songs accompanied by the ukulele. His winks and wry smiles to audience members were well timed and drew an excellent response from the crowd. We had such a laugh singing along about dolphins, wishing ill upon Sepp Blatter, and – despite the song content – the atmosphere was lively and positive.

Each set was broken up with brief crowd interactions, which were executed well and kept relevant to the show’s theme. Audience interaction can be daunting, particularly when talk of social anxiety is in the air, but both acts pulled it off well.

The venue was near full capacity and had a lovely, supportive atmosphere of guests at a brand new festival show. It was quite warm inside, a fact mentioned by Matthew under the bright stage lights. The laughter was loud and fortunately the only heckle of the night was by Matthew’s mother which was cheered by both Matthew and the audience. This was a show that left everyone in a good mood, and even when the jokes didn’t quite elicit ‘out loud’ laughs, they were still warmly appreciated by a crowd that knew that they were witnessing two comedians at the top of their games.

Scott’s planned off-the-cuff gags and Matthew’s indications to performers’ self-importance were hilariously meta and self-aware. “Dangerman and Awkward Boy” will appeal to fans of quirky comedy sets and friendly, inviting shows with an upbeat vibe. It is a must-see for those wanting to experience a new take on personality traits through stand-up, music, and comedy poetry.


Who: “Dangerman and Awkward Boy
Where: Cellar at Q Theatre
Dates: 23rd April and 27th – 30th April 2016
Show Times: 10:00pm
Tickets: $14.40 – $18. Book tickets here.

In Review: 'Dangerman and Awkward Boy'
Hilariously self-aware double-act who kept the laughs coming throughout the night.
  • Matthew Harvey's dolphin song
  • Scott W Long's meta-humour
  • A finale you have to see to believe
  • Venue was a tad hot, actually scratch that, really hot
8.5Overall Score
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