It was late on a Tuesday night. 10pm. Usually reserved for late night sitcom reruns, “one more episode” during a netflix marathon, or a cheap film at the cinema if you feel like putting on pants. However, it’s comedy festival season, and where I may usually find myself in front of the laptop watching clips of The Simpsons, tonight I found myself with Porter in hand walking into a packed out Basement theatre. Which, for the next few nights, serves as a well, the back drop for Nic Sampson’s 2016 New Zealand Comedy Festival show.

‘Nic Sampson Has Fallen Down a Well’ is a mixture of stand up comedy and performance art, as Nic Sampson plays the part of a stand up comedian who has fallen down a well.

I enjoyed Nic Sampson’s zany and energetic style, as he discusses aspects of his life past and present. He muses on social media and how it has made the world disconnected, and recounts his time in a boy’s school – which failed to adequately prepare him for the real world of sex and dancing – and speaks of a humorous trip to York with his girlfriend.

All this with the looming worry that he might truly find himself trapped down the well, and the insanity that may ensue…

‘Nic Sampson Has Fallen Down a Well’ was a unique and enjoyable experience, Nic was able to weave scenes and characters that only added to the absolute hilarity, pulling them back to great effect in the second half. If you enjoy laughing, then you should see this show.


Who: “Nic Sampson Has Fallen Down a Well”
Where: Basement Theatre
Dates: 10th – 14th May 2016
Show Times: 10:00pm
Tickets: $14.40 – $18. Book tickets here.


In Review "Nic Sampson Has Fallen Down A Well"
  • Excellent concept with a well executed narrative
  • The ending call back that tied it all together
  • A passionate performance
  • None
9.1Overall Score
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