I had travelled to The Kingslander 12th May 2016, for an entertaining night of local pub comedy in the form of “Limited Company”. Featuring the comedic talents of Anthony Wilson and David Oakes, they performed during the closing week of the comedy festival.

Entering the bar, I was welcomed by ambient music provided by David’s son on the keyboard and the calm and friendly atmosphere of the The Kingslander’s function room “Nectar”. The crowd was in good spirits, and perfect for a chill night of comedy.

The show started a little shaky. The beginning of Anthony’s set was hindered by a technical hiccup, and he wasn’t able to open with his video introduction. However, he took this in stride, and like any good comic managed to find some humour in the situation. It wasn’t a big problem, as the quality of his set made up for any minor set back.

Anthony Wilson’s comedy is a combination of one liners and personal experiences. He is a comic who is able to own the stage from the word GO, displaying a great level of confidence, energy, and with the refreshing ability to poke fun at himself. His material was centered around aspects of his life: failed romances both when young and now on tinder tinder, awkward door knocking in his professional life, transitioning from long hair to short, and life as a smoker.

David Oakes followed, coming in with experience and wit, delivering anecdotes and one liners with a great level of wordplay and charm. A self proclaimed Skiwi (Scottish kiwi), David delivers his experiences based on his skewed perspective of life: life with his wife, the terrors of the North Sea, the dangers of being hungry when eating with Hari Krishnas, and how he broke his leg.

“Limited Company” was an enjoyable night of NZ Comedy, it is clear that the Kingslander has put effort into making their function room a quality venue. The acts were on great form, and I recommend you check this show out when it comes to tour. “Limited Company” is a great reminder that quality New Zealand comedy does not end after the festival.

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