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2016 is the year of the comeback.

While 2016 has seen us lose many musical legends, such as Prince and David Bowie, it also appears to be the year that many of our favourite bands and musicians  are making a return to the stage or recording booth. From Guns N’ Roses to Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem to Blink 182, check out our list of reunions, returns and rumours below!



In what might be the most-hyped reunion of 2016 (and the one that I’m personally looking forward to the most), LCD Soundsystem shocked us all when they returned to the stage after a five-year breakup (or hiatus depending on who you talk to). The Brooklyn-based rockers will be performing at some of the biggest festivals this summer – Primavera Sound, Bonnaroo, FYF Fest – with a full-scale tour apparently in the works. (SM)

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With several, well-received, warm-up shows already under their belt, it seems as though Guns N’ Roses are finally delivering on the promise of freezing hell and getting a back together. Now all they have to do is not break up from now until June 23 (it’s a 50/50 bet at this point), and we can officially call this the rock ‘n’ roll resurrection for the ages. (SM)

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American Horror Punk band, Misfits (or The Misfits if you prefer), are widely recognised as the progenitors of the horror punk subgenre, and it’s a more than a little exciting that for the first time since 1983, Glenn Danzig has rejoined the band (along with original bassist Jerry Only) for Riot Fest in the States. Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein will also be there, meaning that three-quarters of the lineup that appeared on 1982’s Walk Among Us will be performing together. Finally. Let’s hope this means a full tour is coming next and that they find their way back to NZ – my preference would be for a gig at the Powerstation, or at the Kings Arms (if only to relive that amazing 2011 show). (SM)

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Hold onto your puffer vests, folks, because it looks like Puff and the gang are getting back together. Puff Daddy  and the whole Bad Boy Family clan – Lil’ Kim, Mase, Faith Evans, 112, the Lox and more, are all heading out on tour for what’s being hailed as “a moment in hip hop history.” After two shows in Brooklyn in honour of Biggie’s birthday, the official run begins on August 25. (SM)

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The future of this pop-punk staple (and childhood favourite of mine) was more than a little uncertain after Tom DeLonge left Blink-182, but the guitarist has since been replace by the brilliant Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio fame. Skiba, along with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, have just dropped new single, “Bored to Death,” and are embarking on a US tour. Still holding out for an announcement that they’ll head down-under, but it looks more than a little unlikely – not least of all because of Travis refusing to board a plane ever again after his horrific 2008 crash (remember Soundwave ’13 people). (SM)

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Radiohead went and pulled a Beyoncé on us recently, dropping arguably one of their greatest albums, A Moon Shaped Pool, to critical and commercial acclaim. Now, in addition to their numerous festival appearances around the globe this summer (which unfortunately doesn’t include our fair shores), you can catch them in New York City, Los Angeles, and several locations throughout Europe if you’re lucky enough to find yourself down that end of the world. They’ll be joined by Holly Herndon, Dawn of Midi and Shabazz Palaces for varying dates. (SM)

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After years of agonising waiting, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have put a release date on their new album – June 17 – and have a stacked run of festival appearances to promote it. Their upcoming tour dates take them all over from Ottawa to Japan, Berlin to Belfast, starting with BottleRock Fest in the States on May 29. (SM)

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Dashboard Confessional have been denying the emo generation new material since 2009 but, thankfully, many of us (or maybe it’s just me…) never grew out of our phase. My clothes might be marginally cooler but my heart is still lost in 2006 with Dusk and Summer – arguably Dashboard’s best album to date. So when new song ‘May’ – aptly named considering its mid may release date – was dropped, the 15 year old emo child resurfaced in all of it’s angsty glory. There is no news of a new album just yet but with lead singer Chris Carraba claiming he has 30 or 40 songs under his belt I’m sure we can be expecting one shortly. With a co-headlining US tour with Taking Back Sunday starting early June, one can only hope it will be followed by a trip down under. (YB)


Brand New are another band that have been out of the limelight for an upsetting amount of time but with the third in a string of new track “I Am a Nightmare” released this month, we might forgive ourselves for expecting more new material very soon. Being a Taking Back Sunday fan and being very aware of their feud, I was always on the fence about listening to Brand New but with a shining discography in their pocket, falling in love with them is inevitable and unavoidable. Try as I might, I cannot hate this band. Their new track is available on 12″ vinyl from Procrastinate (US) or Banquet Records (UK) and they will be on tour in the US both as a solo headliner and as a co-headliner (with Modest Mouse – Dream lineup, RIP me) from early June through to July. (YB)



Depriving us of their undeniable brilliance since August 2014, Scottish boys Twin Atlantic have, as of today, restored their well deserved relevance. With some cryptic Twitter and Facebook posts naming what could be a new track listing, my all time favourite band have ignited a whole new excitement in me. You can be sure that once a pre-order has been announced, I’ll have clicked ‘check out’ before you can say ‘Glasgow’. Please join me in hoping, praying, and crossing everything I have for an Australian and New Zealand tour for this next album cycle. (YB)


As a Rage Against the Machine fan who is not well know for his patience, I have been struggling to cope with the wait (June 1, or 4 more days for anyone who is counting) associated with You’ll have to wait to find out what Prophets of Rage have planned, at least according to the website recently launched by the rock super-group. Comprised of members of Rage Against the Machine, Chuck D and Cypress Hill, the band has one simple message: “Take the power back.” I hope that’s code for upcoming tour dates. (SM)

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It’s no secret that the Gorillaz are working on artwork and material for a new album, which should be enough to get me excited, but after being completely blown-away after seeing them live,  I just have to know whether they’ll be touring to support it (and when!). In terms of new tunes, rumours of collabs between Vic Mensa, Noel Gallagher and the late great David Bowie have all been thrown into the ring. There’s also no word on when the new record will be released. (SM)

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