On Wednesday 8th June, The Apothecary in Howick held its third comedy night with a truly fantastic line-up. This month’s show was hosted by Dave McCartney and featured FRED Award Winner 2016 Rhys Mathewson, Billy T Winner 2016 David Correos, and NZ comedy legend Brendhan Lovegrove.

The show was sold out three weeks in advance so The Apothecary was at full capacity and super cosy. A large number of early birds managed to grab a seat and dinner before the show, while the later arrivals crowded around standing tables with a drink from the bar.

The show started a bit later than expected at 8:00pm but the time ended up flying by and I wasn’t the only one whose face ended up hurting from laughing so much. Full-time entertainer Dave McCartney and The Apothecary owner Ted Waters pulled together the event and have planned the next one for 3rd August.

Dave kindly invited me (unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Ted) and I stood with his wife, sister and their friends to watch the show. That was great. When Dave told a hilarious and eye-raising joke about his mother, I nudged his sister and she yelled to our table (in good humour), “It’s not true! It’s not true!” which was hilarious.

I believe a significant part of the enjoyment of watching a comedy show comes from the audience atmosphere and who you are there with. Wednesday night was a total laugh from the comics to the crowd.

Dave had great command of the audience as the host – I’ve seen him perform before and he is a natural entertainer. It’s difficult to say how long each act was on for since I was laughing my head off the whole show and I lost track of time. It finished just after 10:00pm with a short break though, so I would say twenty to thirty minutes each.

Rhys Mathewson is always a strong act and told relatable, hilarious anecdotes which had the audience in stitches. His well-deserved FRED Award win is the most recent indication of his unstoppable talent for comedy.

David Correos’ act was, well, straight up unexplainable. If you haven’t seen him perform – oh my god – you absolutely have to. I’m pretty sure the most commonly heard phrase through the side-splitting laughter was, “What is happening??”

Brendhan Lovegrove smashed it out of the park and had such a ball he even came back on for an encore (this was, in fact, started by Brendhan finishing his set and yelling out, “WHERE’S MY ENCORE?” and the audience cheering in response like, “HELL YES, WE WANT AN ENCORE IF THAT’S A THING!”).

While it was a late night, it was a great night and a really chill way to spend a Wednesday evening. Get in quick for upcoming tickets when they are released – this show sold out in just a week, a full three weeks in advance and it’s easy to see why. Professional comedy acts, great event management, and a sweet venue – what more could you want for a mid-week drink?

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