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Orcs Must Die! 2

Orcs Must Die! 2 (OMD!2) is a co-op tower defense game released in 2012 by Robot Entertainment. I hadn’t played the first one, probably because I’m not a fan of tower defence games besides the original Warcraft 3 Custom map mode. So why did I buy this game?

Honestly, I don’t know.

The gameplay is straight forward, each level introduces a new type of “Tower” and enemy that you have to stop from getting to the end of the path. It’s simple and doesn’t bring anything new to the genre (as evidenced by the Steam comments that praise it for being “simple”). Too often I found myself using a cookie cutter layout on the map which ensured nothing could get through, then I’d spend the next 10 minutes waiting for the Orcs to die. I admit, it was a tad boring.

Watching them numbers tick.

Watching them numbers tick.

The art direction is quite obvious as it’s cartoony, silly, and it doesn’t take itself seriously. This can work if the game is actually good, which sadly OMD!2 isn’t. The graphics really leave a bit to be desired. Normally I wouldn’t complain about terrible graphics, mainly because I’ve played some games that leave a bit to be desired in that department. The difference being they were good games, that had gameplay to compensate for the lack of graphics. OMD!2 doesn’t have that. All of this combined with the cheesy little dance the MC does at the end of the level really made me feel like I was playing some horrible Mobile phone game.

This leads us to the story, which I didn’t actually know anything about. The game opens with a cinematic – actually just still images with a slow zoom out. From what I gathered the antagonist from the last game (A provocatively dressed sorceress) who had apparently brought over the Orcs originally had lost her control over them and they were rebelling.

Hooray for Boob-plate.

Hooray, boob-plate…

After this short cinematic the game starts and the main characters screeching voice makes its first appearance and I hated it instantly. It reminded me of stereotypical American sitcom characters, over exaggerated and trying too hard to have witty one-liners. I had to see who the voice actor was, and after a quick search on IMDB I found him: Robert McCollum. It was strange, this man had voice acted in quite a number of Anime’s and video games, somehow people found his annoying vocals enjoyable, at least enough to cast him in nearly every English subbed anime. This lead me to search for more examples of his work, and I had to admit, he just sounded like a normal American.

But enough about him, there’s another issue that his annoying voice brought up in the game. The sound. OMD! 2 couldn’t decide whether it was trying to be polite whilst  chatting in the library, or if it was trying to tell me about the next song coming up at a Rammstein concert. I’d have to set my headphone volume up to the maximum at the start of each level because the voice sound seemed to be set to minimum, only to be quickly followed by loud-ass music and sound effects. It was a cruel trick as with each new level, caused my headphones to screech and my eardrums to bleed. At least the game was consistent in disappointing me.

In total, I’ve played 3 hours of OMD!2, and in those 3 hours (2 of which were in my previous play-through) and in total I managed to make it about half way through the game and you know what? For what I’ve endured, that’s good enough for me. It can remain on the backlog, and that’s OK with me. I don’t know if I actually enjoyed this OMD!2 when I played it first but I definitely know that I did not enjoy it this time around.

Close enough.

Close enough.

If somehow after reading all of this you’ve decided that this is your kind of game, then you can pick it up on Steam for only $4.49 NZ for a single pack or $11.99 NZ (until the Steam Sale ends) for a two-pack so you can share the misery.

The Backlog: Orcs Must Die! 2
There's a reason this game is still on my backlog, i'm not proud of it but that's how it'll stay.
The Good
  • I learnt something about a Voice Actor
The Bad
  • Nothing new to the Genre
  • Sound all over the place
  • Too simple
3Overall Score

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