September 16th marks the release of Tinie Tempah’s third album, YOUTH – his first album in nearly 3 years and the greatly anticipated follow up to predecessors DIS-COVERY and DEMONSTRATION; the records that have led to the London based rapper’s full-fledged international success. In the past week, he has put out a brand new track, Mamacita, with feature artist Wizkid adding a Latino twist to the fast paced, rap tracks we are used to hearing.

The new record is set to have a mindblowing tracklist that includes Tinie’s 6th and 7th #1 platinum singles – Not Letting Go (feat. Jess Glynne), and Turn the Music Louder (feat. KDA/Katy B) amongst others including his top 5 platinum hit Girls Like (feat. Zara Larsson). These singles have led Tinie Tempah to having as many UK #1s as highly acclaimed artists such as Michael Jackson and U2, as well as the most UK #1s this decade. These massive achievements are a sure sign that the upcoming record is going to be sublime. There will be more collaborations than you can count on one hand, bringing to our attention a number of up and coming London-based rappers such as Shift K3Y and Jakwob.

This will undoubtedly give every track something new and unexpected and create an entirely novel vibe for this record whilst still maintaining the signature sound that led to Tinie Tempah being so established in the international rap music scene in the first place. With 15 music awards under his belt (including 2 Brit awards for DIS-COVERY) and nearly 20 other nominations on top of that, there is no question that YOUTH will only bring about more awards over the next year. Everything Tinie Tempah touches turns to gold and this new record will be no exception.


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