On August 12th Melanie Martinez will be stepping into Auckland’s Powerstation wearing her childhood inspired outfits with her ever changing Cruella de Vil hair for her very first headline show in New Zealand. After a successful headline slot at Adam Lambert’s show at Auckland’s Town Hall last year, Melanie is finally coming back for the Cry Baby World Tour and I, for one, am so excited that I instantly dusted off my pink tutu, googled ‘cool ways to dye your hair pink’, and danced along to Cry Baby all day. Wearing the aforementioned tutu.

Melanie may have started out on The Voice (US) but after the 2015 release of her debut album Cry Baby, she broke away from the reality show scene with ease – her quirky image and unusual yet extraordinary voice setting her apart from so many others that released music last year. The album is a self-proclaimed concept album that delves into the mind of the character Cry Baby that Melanie has confessed is based on herself. It takes childhood sounds and ideas and combines them with adult themes to create something entirely unique whilst also giving listeners a real insight into the personality behind the songs.

Whilst the album was obviously created to be listened to (as is often the case with music…) Melanie puts a lot of stock in the visuals that go alongside each track. She has stated that she has always had an idea of what the music video for every track would look like and has already brought seven of these to life, directing them herself and perfectly translating each one into a story that both entrances and, if we’re being honest, terrifies. Dollhouse – the most haunting of the current releases – has 54 million views which shows that the visuals are important to the fans, too.

Based on photos that I have seen from the Cry Baby tour thus far, the Auckland crowd is in for a live experience that perfectly replicates these music videos with on stage props and wonderfully adorable outfits that differ at every show. Kiwi fans will no doubt make every effort to dress up, creating a beautiful sea of colour before, during, and after the show. There will be pastel. Everywhere.

A Kiwi fan’s enthusiasm in relentless and inspiring. The new radio single, Pity Party, alone has half a million streams in New Zealand, there have been over 4 million NZ streams total and, with a sold out US and European leg as well as upcoming slots at festivals such as America’s Lollapalooza, Melanie’s popularity is growing faster than the Grow Your Own Boyfriend you had when you were 9. These tickets will not stick around for long because anyone who has taken the time to look into Melanie Martinez can plainly see that she is beyond anything else on the music scene right now and that this show is not to be missed.

Full information on the Auckland show including a VIP meet and greet experience can be found here.

Tickets go on public sale 10am Friday 1st July with pre-sales starting tomorrow (Melanie Martinez Fan Presale) and Thursday (Coup de Main, Dainty Group, and Ticketmaster).


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