Ricky Gervais revisits his wannabe pop star/bungling office manager David Brent in both an upcoming film (David Brent: Life on the Road) and Brent’s accompanying debut album, a 15-track collection also titled Life on the Road. David Brent and Foregone Conclusion have shared the first video from that LP, the acoustic rambler “Lady Gypsy.”

The song will be featured prominently in David Brent: Life on the Road, the feature-length continuation of The Office character’s search for something like a life that will hit New Zealand theaters later this year before premiering on Netflix. The uproarious song sounds like a take-off on folk revisionists like Mumford & Sons or Edward Sharpe, and tells of a love tryst that Brent had with a gypsy woman whom he worried might have been a hooker. In the video, Brent walks and lounges around a forest awkwardly, and gets seduced by a random lady gypsy who he insists is “clean.” Need I say more? Check out the video below.

The film will be released in the UK on August 19, and is coming to New Zealand cinemas on September 1. #BrentsBack #LifeOnTheRoad

Life on the Road Track List

1. “Ooh La La”
2. “Native American”
3. “Lonely Cowboy”
4. “Freelove Freeway”
5. “Life On The Road”
6. “Slough”
7. “Thank Fuck It’s Friday”
8. “Lady Gypsy”
9. “Please Don’t Make Fun of The Disableds”
10. “Paris Nights”
11. “Don’t Cry It’s Christmas”
12. “Spaceman”
13. “Equality Street”
14. “Ain’t No Trouble”
15. “Electricity”


Learn the guitar chords to ‘Lady Gypsy’ here.

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