September 9th will see the release of Wilco’s latest release – SCHMILCO. Let me just begin by saying that writing the title of this article only confirmed my initial instantaneous belief that this is the best album name of all time. Say it with me. Wilco – SCHMILCO. I already love it and I haven’t even heard it yet.

This will be their 10th studio album featuring 12 new tracks – all written by Jeff Tweedy – and will follow their free July 2015 release, STAR WARS. Despite being close together in timing, the two records will be almost polar opposite in sound.

SCHMILCO is set to be almost entirely acoustic, moving away from the ‘fuzz-glam guitars’ of its predecessor. We have come to expect dazzling tracks with ‘barroque-ish’ arrangements, but this album will be stripped of all of that. This does not mean, however, that it will be a disappointment.

In fact, the sudden change is quite intentional, providing the listener with a more spacious musical experience than what we have grown used to over the past 20 years. Whilst it is a self-confessed ‘sad’ album, it is also realistic, and, to be frank, that is what we look for in art: raw emotions, even if they’re not particularly chirpy. The record conquers feelings of isolation, and a certain disassociation between the person Will Tweedy is perceived to be and who he actually is. It addresses the struggles of remaining grounded in a world that puts him on a pedestal, or, alternatively, a world that is determined to knock him down.

“I think this record is ‘joyously negative’,” Tweedy said. “It’s sad in a lot of ways but not in any that reach a conclusion of doom or hopelessness… I just had a lot of fun being sour about the things that upset me.”

We are about to see a new side to Wilco and I think that we should be very, very excited about it.

Wilco has now released two tracks from the forthcoming album, Locator and, most recently, If I Ever Was a Child.

Schmilco lr

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