On Saturday 30th July at the Meteor Theatre in Hamilton, hidden away from Chiefs vs Hurricanes crowds and horizontal rain, I attended the Comedy at the Meteor Show hosted by Incedo and Wash Your Mouth Out. Unsure what to expect, I went in with an open mind and left with sore cheeks from all the constant laughing, which I didn’t think was possible on such a cold, dreary night in the Tron.

Wash Your Mouth Out had created a fantastic line-up of some of New Zealand’s top comedians – Tim Müller (NZ International Comedy Festival), Brendon Green (Best Bits, AotearoHA), David Correos (2016 Billy T Winner), Angella Dravid (Raw Comedy Quest Grand Finalist 2015, Funny Girls on TV3) and headliner act Simon McKinney (NZ Internationl Comedy Festival Gala, AotearoHA). Combined with the intimate venue that is the Meteor Theatre, this was the perfect recipe for laughter. It was a sold out show, about an estimated 80 of us on the stands with a good mix of ages in the audience.

ResizedImageWzEyMCwxMjBd-tim-circleThe night kicked off at 7.30pm sharp with the entertaining MC, Tim Müller. A talented comedian, Tim uses his musical skills to pump the audience up for each act and has an awkward but lovable demeanor about him. I heard classic childhood Kiwi songs I never thought I would hear again (with updated lyrics of course) like ‘Ma is White’ along with original songs such as ‘Agnostics Hymn’. His anecdotes help put the audience at ease and encourage the audience to lose themselves in the performances – my favourite line was about how smiling and not laughing out loud was a good as giving a standing ovation at a Stevie Wonder concert! That drew a tear to my eye! You can find out more about Tim in our recent interview with him during the Comedy Festival.

ResizedImageWzEyMCwxMjBd-brendon2-circleThe first act Brendon Green bursted onto the stage with unprecedented energy, jumping on the stands and shaking the hands of the audience. There was certainly no shyness here. Brendon is everyone’s favourite nihilist and makes you laugh with his morbid jokes and anecdotes about his love life. His set was interactive and musical, enlightening us with random original numbers like ‘Eaten by a Cannibal’ and ‘We All Die Alone – Coke Zero’, you realise that there may be some truth in his stories about him being a ‘weird kid’ as a child. The audience was captivated by his advice on Dyson Hand Drying and it was great to see him enjoying the lively audience throughout his set. A closer look at the comedian that is Brendon Green can be found in our exclusive Speakeasy interview.

ResizedImageWzEyMCwxMjBd-david-circle2David Correos continued the strong start with his loud and infectious laugh. Pumped full of energy, David jumped from one end of the stage to the other telling us about his life as a Mexican Stan Walker, his Filipino heritage and that time he lost his Filipino father in the casino. This was one of my favourite parts of the night as I related strongly to the traumatising experience of losing my Asian friend during a Sephora sale in Melbourne! The set was short but sweet and you can see why he is the reigning Billy T James champion for the year, I’m sure there will be even more great things to come for him in the future.

ResizedImageWzEyMCwxMjBd-angela-circleAngella Dravid started the second set with a style of comedy I had never seen before. Playing on human nature’s desire to laugh during awkward times, her wide eyed stares and deliberately slow and hesitant deliverance created a painfully calculated awkward environment for her punchlines. Her quiet demeanor and heavy pauses had people bursting out in laughter. While I found the experience strange and confusing, for a lot of the audience it was right up their alley. For a first time introduction to that comedic style, I wasn’t sure if I could handle any more than the short set she had but something about it still left me wanting to try it again. You can also see her on TV3’s Funny Girls.

ResizedImageWzEyMCwxMjBd-simon-circleSimon McKinney ended the night with a bang, or a series of amazing facial expressions to be more exact. His incredible grasp on accent impersonations left the whole audience gasping for breath, snorting and a bit of choking too from all the laughter. His hilarious anecdotes about entertaining on a cruise ship and Aussie jokes were perfect for the audience that night. There was so much to relate to as he described the glorified colouring competition that was our flag referendum and the ongoing problem with avocado prices. Simon’s captivating story telling skills accompanied with his accents makes you feel like you’re really there.

The entire set was a total of two hours but it feels much shorter as you’re engrossed in the comedians throughout the experience. The next event will be in October as it’s held every three months so I urge you to get tickets when they are released to avoid missing out! Keep an eye out for updates on the new line-up. With a great venue, intimate set and a great way to release those endorphins, I can guarantee it’ll be great night!

Click here for further information on the comedians and the next event.

Show details:
  • The Meteor Theatre
  • 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton
  • Tickets: $25 Adult, $20 for Seniors, Students and Concession

On a small side note, here’s a shout out to the Meteor Theatre venue itself! An iconic and treasured black box theatre in the Waikato region, they are looking for donations to save and update the venue by replacing squeaky floors, soundproofing areas and to generally ensure the continuation of the venue for theatrical performances, musicals, comedy, art, dance and much more. Follow this link to learn more.

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