Prepare to feel a whole lot better about your dating life. Podcast and Chill, a storytelling podcast about sex, love, and dating for the “Tinder generation”, is set to launch Friday 30th September 2016, and it is going to be total laughs.

This new and unforgiving podcast is hosted by aloof-but-lucky Shawn Moodie, comedian and flirtatiously-challenged Marika Jackson, and journalist who theoretically has all the answers Johan Chang.

If you’re looking for dating advice or tips on how to seduce the opposite sex, you are flat out of luck. In lieu of romanticising dating, Shawn, Marika, and Johan discuss how incredibly difficult dating can be and talk unashamedly of their dating histories.

Touching on subjects such as flirting, awful first dates, and long-distance romance disasters, the hosts share their most personal and unbelievably hilarious anecdotes with the intention of letting each other (and the entire world) laugh, therefore making their stories somewhat more bearable to live with.

Follow Podcast and Chill on Facebook for the latest updates and the launch. Whether you have been on a thousand dates or no dates, are in a relationship or a commitment-phobe, have weird sexual turn-ons and kinks, or just want to hear relatable and painfully true stories of how hilariously awful dating can be, Podcast and Chill is going to be a turning point for many people who will realise, “Oh, it’s not just me”.

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