I love anything vintage. I am mostly inspired by the ’50s and ’60s but the 1980s had some wildly cool revelations. Even though the ’80s were a time in fashion that everyone is not so sure about, I have recently come to love (most of) the 1980s fashion trends. This may be influenced by my obsession with movies from this decade because – let’s face it – movies don’t really get better than Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back to the Future, and The Breakfast Club. (Except The Lion King which is my favourite movie of all time but I digress.)

Bright colours, crazy fabrics, big hair, big everything was the rage. Huge tulle ball dresses were in and I’m pretty sure everything had shoulder pads. We don’t see much of that nowadays; school balls seem to be treated like red carpet events with slinky evening gowns and I just want to thank everyone who let the trend of shoulder pads die down. Now, we tend to have a trend of people walking around in sports gear with no real intention of doing sports. Well, the 1980s were the decade of innovative sportswear.

Jane Fonda was a superstar in aerobics videos and if you don’t think her exercise outfits are one of the coolest things ever, I just don’t know what to tell you. Leg warmers, swimsuit-style leotards, and feathered hair should absolutely make a comeback. The ideal body type in the 1980s and trend of exercise and aerobics go hand in hand. Slender, fit bodies were all over the media, perhaps most notably Elle Macpherson who was nicknamed “The Body” that has still stuck until today. The ideal body type today is not so different. Strong, healthy bodies are making their way back into the media and women’s magazines and I certainly support this. With the age of social media and photoshopping getting out of hand, we need to make a stand and show all healthy bodies should be accepted.


There are countless stars of the 1980s such as Brooke Shields, Molly Ringwald, and Princess Diana who were icons of huge influence on the fashion world. Of course, we cannot do a fashion article on the 1980s without mentioning Prince and David Bowie who were scandalous and revolutionary in their fashion and on-stage presence. Outrageous outfits, loud makeup, and dressing for their own style may have shocked the world, but led them to become two of the world’s most immortal pop stars and icons for the LGBT community.

The Future is Now:

Let’s bring back: Fashion sweaters.
Because: They’re so comfy and quirky!

Let’s think about revisiting: Aerobics outfits.
But only if: Aerobics also comes back in fashion.

Let’s leave in the past: Shoulder pads.
Because: If I wanted to look like an NFL player, I would.


Makeup of the 1980s is something I’m not totally on board with.  Bright eyeshadows, over-powdered blush, and bright lipsticks are all things I love, just not when it’s combined to emphasise every part of the face all at once.

On the bright side though (pun intended), I do love the risks taken in this decade with colour and use of makeup that perhaps influenced the wide acceptance of any makeup style nowadays, assisted by the boom in social media.

In contrast to the fluorescent and crazy colours often remembered in this time, day-to-day makeup in the 1980s tended to be palettes of browns and pinks. These would soon develop into darker tones such as chocolates and burgundies that took off the grunge phase in the 1990s.

The Future is Now:

Let’s bring back: Crazy coloured blush.
Because: Grace Jones is a trendsetter and looks majestic AF.

Let’s think about revisiting: Perfectly pink pouts.
But only if: The rest of the makeup is toned down.

Let’s leave in the past: Over-lined lips.
Because: It just looks a little bit wrong.


Here we go! Big hair was just all the rage – I cannot make that clearer. Also, the mullet somehow made an appearance and the marketing technique of, “Business in the front, party in the back” was just too convincing for everyone to start think rationally and be like, “Guys, this looks awful”.

Actually, the 1980s long, wavy hair is probably most like the styles of hair we see today compared to the 1990s and 2000s which were either pin-straight or shaggy. In addition to the natural wavy blowouts that were so popular, crimped, permed, and feathered styles were also seen. In fact, the 1980s was a wonderful decade led by Madonna, David Bowie, and Prince where everyone was just like, “Let’s do whatever the hell we want. The bigger the better. Get me some giant rings and leg warmers and I’ll look exactly like I want to look,” which is all that really matters. This may be why I love the 1980s so much; dressing exactly like you want to is totally my jam and there was a huge shift towards this in that decade.

The Future is Now:

Let’s bring back: Scrunchies.
Because: They make ponytails fun!

Let’s think about revisiting: Crimped hair.
But only if: I don’t know, I feel like we could do this subtly and stylishly.

Let’s leave in the past: Mullets.
Because: Sorry, John Stamos. You’re still great.


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