He hasn’t released new material since 2013, but Childish Gambino will be back with a full length record before the end of the year. Awaken, My Love! will be available for your listening pleasure from the 2nd of December which, as of today, is only 17 days away.

Last week, Gambino released all of the album information on his social medias, the full tracklist and album art. Not only that, but Zane Lowe – who is like, never wrong about music – debuted the first single off the record, Me and Your Mama, as a Beats 1 World Record. He got a bit carried away and played it 6 times in a row and continued to play it throughout the show, so I think it’s probably safe to say that he thinks it’s pretty good.

I’m not sure what it is, but something about the title of the new album makes it sound as though the album will be full of alternative folk tracks. While I love a bit of soft folk music on those midnight drives where all of your passengers have fallen asleep, I think we can all agree that it’s probably a good thing that Gambino didn’t just do a total 180 and change genre.

He did, however, add to his current sound. Awaken, My Love! has been described as “R&B meets Pink Floyd”, and seems to pull from a number of rock, funk, and soul influences throughout the 11 tracks. While it will take a lot to live up to the expectations that we were left with after twice-Grammy nominated Because the Internet, having maybe listened to Me and Your Mama more than Zane Lowe (okay, probably not), I’m confident that we won’t be left feeling disappointed.

There has already been a plethora of positive responses from various music critics, including Billboard, The Fader, HipHopDx, and Okayplayer.

“Gambino’s new music has a fusion of funk, soul, hip-hop and blues, among other genres, blended together to create a gumbo of audial goodness. It’s feel-good, going-down-memory-lane, being-in-your-feelings kind of music. It’s passionate, yet light and vibrant.” – Billboard

The new record follows a handful of Childish Gambino shows that took place in California in September, where he showcased new music. The shows revolutionised ticket purchasing, tying each ticket to an individual’s smart phone, eliminating the chance of scalping. The PHAROS app was vital, serving as a “compass” that guided guests throughout the shows. As someone who has paid up to triple the face value for tickets as a result of scalping, Gambino has my full respect for keeping this experience solely for the fans. Paradoxically, phones and recording devices of any kind were banned from the performance, forcing full embracement of the surrounding, and suggesting an earthier and more natural theme in Awaken, My Love! than what we have come to know from Because the Internet. 

“If Because the Internet represented a vape-smoking, phone-obsessed, introspective, existentialist part of Gambino [the new music] opens a window to another side of him: one that is earthier and more ritualistic.” – The Fader

You can download the new track here.

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Awaken, My Love!
1. Me And Your Mama
2. Have Some Love
3. Boogieman
4. Zombies
5. Riot
6. Redbone
8. Terrified
9. Baby Boy
10. The Night Me And Your Mama Met
11. Stand Tall

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