Are we all ready to start our Christmas season with a barrel of laughs?! Yes. Yes, we are.

Live at The Apothecary! – Howick’s own comedy show at The Apothecary, showcasing a range of professional comedians – is a run by full-time entertainer Dave McCartney and The Apothecary owner Ted Waters.

This is their last comedy show of 2016 and to celebrate the great success of their past shows, they are making it a super jolly one, you can’t even imagine. You will just have to go and see it.
Let’s face it, it’s always a great time when you are laughing your face off while enjoying delicious food and knocking back some cold ones or warm ones (whatever you prefer – I am partial to a gin & tonic, myself).

With no exaggeration, the Live at The Apothecary gigs have sold out every event so far, and often within the first couple of weeks of tickets going on sale. So, get your friends together for a night of jolly japes and lock down those tickets ASAP.

Hosted by David McCartney (2016 Next Big Things), the night will showcase Guy Montgomery (TV3’s Fail Army), Angella Dravid (2016 Billy T Nominee), Luke Callaghan (Best Newcomer 2013 NZCG), and headliner Jeremy Corbett. I know you know who he is, so there’s not a lot more to say other than he is wildly funny.


What: Live at The Apothecary! Comedy Show
When: Wednesday 14th December 2016, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: The Apothecary Licenced Eatery, 27 Picton Street, Howick, Auckland
Restrictions: R18
Tickets: $25. Buy tickets here.


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Comedian and full time optimist, Marika spends most of her time laughing. Especially when it's not appropriate.

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