“This year’s list of award nominees shows New Zealand has a strong, growing, and diverse community of talented individuals working throughout the comedy scene. We are very proud of our professionals and their abilities,” Executive Board Chair Debs McSmith announces on behalf of the NZ Comedy Guild.

“The NZ Comedy Guild proudly represents and pushes to elevate the NZ comedy industry. Every year we celebrate the achievements and talents of the fantastic writers, performers and contributing members of this great community at our annual awards evening.”

The Guild has been assisted by several businesses who have contributed to the awards evening, which will be held on 20th December 2016 at The Classic in Auckland.

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The nominees for the 2016 Comedy Guild Awards are;

Best Male Comedian
Ben Hurley, Brendhan Lovegrove, Nick Rado, Pax Assadi, Rhys Mathewson

Best Female Comedian
Justine Smith, Laura Daniel, Melanie Bracewell, Michele A’Court, Urzila Carlson, Rose Matafeo, Fan Brigade, Sera Devcich

Best Newcomer
Alice Snedden, Bridget Davies, Inosi Colavanua, Lana Walters, Ray O’Leary, Sera Devcich

Breakthrough Comedian of the Year
Angella Dravid, Luke Callaghan, Melanie Bracewell, Patch Lambert, Pax Assadi


Best MC
Jerome Chandrahasen, Justine Smith, Nick Rado, Pax Assadi, Rhys Mathewson

The Kevin Smith Memorial Cup for Outstanding Artist Achievement
Sam Wills/The Boy With Tape On His Face, Guy Montgomery, Jarred Fell, Rose Matafeo

Best Comedy Performance on Television
Brendhan Lovegrove – Flick Electric Co Comedy Gala, Laura Daniel – Funny Girls, Pax Assadi – Flick Electric Co Comedy Gala, Rose Matafeo – Funny Girls


Funniest Twitterer
Melanie Bracewell, Lauren Mabbett, Sanjay Patel

Funniest Blog/Column
Alex Casey, Guy Williams, Melanie Bracewell, Michele A’Court, Michele A’Court & Jeremy Elwood, Raybon Kan

Funniest Online Presence
Frickin Dangerous Bro, Melanie Bracewell, Thomas Sainsbury

Outstanding Contribution to the Industry
Scott Blanks, Vaughan King, Brendhan Lovegrove, Richard Carrington, Tim Batt

The Green Roomer
David Correos, Justine Smith, Paul Douglas, Rhys Mathewson, Simon McKinney

‘The Classic’ Best Comedy Venue
Little Easy, The Basement, VK’s

Best International Guest
Alexis Dubus, James Acaster, Nish Kumar, Rich Wilson, Lloyd Langford

Comic Originality
Angella Dravid, David Correos, Fan Brigade, Guy Montgomery, Jesse Griffin

Best Writer – Live Performance
Jamie Bowen, Nic Sampson, Rhys Mathewson, Tom Sainsbury & Chris Parker

Best Improv Show

Snort, ConArtists

Best Live Show
Laura Daniel – Pressure Makes Diamonds, Nic Sampson – Nic Sampson Has Fallen Down A Well, Tom Sainsbury & Chris Parker – Camping, Pax Assadi – Mid Season Form, Rhys Mathewson – Nouveau Rhys

Gag of the Year
Pax Assadi – Pretending to be Tongan, Rhys Mathewson – Tap Dancing Poo Joke, Brendan Kelly – Harold the Giraffe

The Andrew Kovacevich Memorial Cup for Most Offensive Gag
Alice Brine, James Malcolm, Lucy Roche, Brendhan Lovegrove

Best Comedy TV Series or Event
7 Days, Funny Girls, Flick Electric Co Comedy Gala

Best Comedy Web Series, Podcast or Radio Show
Boners of the Heart, Flat Gigs, Stake Out, The Issues, The Worst Idea of All Time

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