Star Wars is one of the best known franchises to ever exist. It is a divisive series with a split between a large and devoted fan base, and old school movie fans on the other who claim it ruined the summer blockbuster. Regardless, as of 2015 it became relevant once more to the movie going public, who were treated to the first ‘not awful’ Star Wars film since ‘Return of the Jedi.’

Disney has big plans for the property, I myself have to admit that the trailer for Rogue One actually gave my goosebumps, it reminded me of the feeling of watching the original films on VHS, and as a savvy movie goer I could appreciate the world building aspect, more of which will be explored in the following anthology films.

There is often a name that comes up when discussing films that delve greater into the Star Wars universe, Boba Fett. Honestly, this is utterly perplexing to me, Boba Fett is a totally pointless character.

In fact scratch that, he’s not even a character: he is a story device, an obstacle, something that presents a challenge in the way of the heroes achieving their goals.

He’s barely good at that, all he does is show up on Darth Vader’s ship, with the other bounty hunters, fannys about a bit in space, doesn’t even capture his target (Han Solo), but still flies off to collect his bounty. Then when the heroes come to rescue their friend, he gets taken down like a putz by a blind guy. You think this guy deserves his own film?

The only use for him is as a plot device in the Han Solo flick. Not a major one though, just something small like Han Solo flicked him with a towel in the locker room and now Boba bears a grudge so Boba Fett starts a fight, and Han Solo is like “who are you again?” That’s what should happen.

TL/DR: Boba Fett sucks.

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