So at the first look of the title you may think to yourself “Yay another article bashing young people and their vacuous and vain need to constantly litter the internet with images of themselves.” Well it’s not, and anyone who thought that should be ashamed of themselves, and should write me a 300-word apology immediately.

No my friends, I have no problem with the humble selfie, it is only human to want to document moments in your life and relationships and the selfie is a good way to retain memories of good times.

I have more a problem with the buzz kills who keep trying to deride this as the fad of a generation obsessed with cat videos, 90’s cartoons and images of their own face at greater and greater size and screen resolutions.

Anyone who criticizes selfies and the generation that popularized them seem to forget that Polaroids existed, or photographs in general. What family doesn’t own a nicely presented book of photos?

All humans are vain and self-obsessed, not just the ones that happened to be born after the 1980’s, and just because vanity enabling technology has gotten better in the last few years doesn’t change that.

That said, that “better take a selfie” song is horrendous and death is too good for all involved in making that song.

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