Not for the first time, the people asked — and Netflix answered.

In part of a series of announcements about small but crucial changes to its platform, Netflix revealed that it is testing a “Skip Intro” button that does, unsurprisingly, exactly what you’d imagine it would.

As soon as the credits start — whether they’re at the beginning of the video (as they are in “Iron Fist” for example), or after a couple minutes — a small rectangular button pops up giving you the option to SKIP INTRO. After that, the decision is yours: Watch the blood pour over Daredevil’s city or cut to the chase (probably literally).

This one might not be worth it.

The feature, which was first mentioned on a Reddit post a month ago, is ideal for when you’re burning through a show and can already recite the cast’s full names in order and hum a perfect cover of the theme song on command. You can even skip the intros that are barely intros, roughly the length of a title card.

So far, the button has only been spotted on the web. Rolling it out more broadly would require app updates on the many platforms where Netflix is available.

Netflix users have wanted this option for a long time, especially in the last several years as bingeing epsiodes of shows really started to catch on.

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