Warm up those dice and dust off your meeples, International TableTop Day is arriving in Auckland on April 29th.

Now in it’s 5th year, TableTop Day was founded by game designer Boyan Radakovich as a worldwide celebration of the tabletop board game community and industry.

Everyone from the biggest publisher to the smallest developer is celebrated by board game veterans and newbies alike, who come to the table in contest or cooperation. It’s a day that brings aims to bring people back to the table to remind us why we play and to give thanks to those who make every roll of the dice exciting.

From the heaviest strategy game to the lightest party game, TableTop Day gives people a chance to celebrate those who bring their passions to the table, and this year Auckland is joining in the party with board game café Cakes n Ladders hosting a day-long celebration that will be live-streamed in partnership with The Speakeasy.

The event has also started to break into the mainstream, thanks to promotion by the likes of Geek & Sundry (and in particular, Will Weaton’s ‘TableTop’). The first TableTop Day celebrations saw events held at board game cafes in 64 countries, while last year this number grew to over 80!

So what do Aucklander’s have to look forward to? As well as the aforementioned live-stream, Cakes n Ladders TableTop Day celebrations (which will run from 10am till late) will see players vying to get their name on the much-vaunted ‘Trophy of Awesome’ through participating in a variety of competition events. These are: ‘Zombie Dice’, ‘Tsuro’, and ‘Geek Out’.

There is something special that happens when people get together in person and sit around a table to share in the social experience of gaming.

So regardless of whether you’re a tabletop pro or just curious to see what all the fuss is about, make sure you clear your calendars now for one of the most exciting days in tabletop gaming.


What: International TableTop Day

When: Saturday the 29th of April

Where: Cakes n Ladders Board Game Café, 173 Symonds Street, Auckland.

More Info: cakesnladders.co.nz/event/international-tabletop-day

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