Scott W Long likes to offer audiences something a little different with his comedy. He’s blessed (or some may argue cursed) with an innate ability to take and idea or concept and run with it, and boy does he ever.

A fan of Dan Harmon, the fourth-wall-breaking creator of Community and Rick & Morty, Scott’s appropriately-titled festival show – “I’m Scott W Long”, takes audiences on a ‘bendy’ and somewhat ‘meta’ trip into the mind of the comedian as he unpacks everything from reconciling his onstage persona to dealing with the fact that his dog is more famous than him.

Our interview with Scott covers everything from what makes Scott laugh, to Rick & Morty, Reverse Mermaids, and what audiences can expect from his NZ International Comedy Festival show “I’m Scott W Long”.

According to our own Marika Jackson, “Scott W Long is a breakout star of the stand-up comedy circle”. You can read her interview with him here.


What: “I’m Scott W Long” 

When: 4-6 May at 9.45pm

Where: Backbeat Bar, K Rd, Auckland

Tickets: Tickets are $18 and can be purchased here.

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