When asked to describe what watching a David Correos gig is like I usually start by telling them they’ve got it all wrong. You don’t ‘watch’ Correos perform – it’s so much more than that – you experience it. David Correos happens to you. It’s like being repeatedly hit over the head with a piece of comedy two-by-four.

The comedian has garnered a reputation amongst fans and comics like for being someone who pushes the boat out and takes risks in order to deliver a comedy experience like no other in New Zealand, and he was at his energetic, action packed, and almost anarchic best on Friday night at the Vault at Q Theatre . I had seen glimpses of Correos’ special brand of comedy on the odd occasion that I happened to catch him playing a show in Auckland, but I had yet to witness his full hour set, after watching Going Full Correos I could only remark that I wish I had sooner.

Coming in to review this show I occupied that awkward position of having preconceived notions of the comedian as a persona while knowing little of his actual show. If I think about it, I was happy to be able to maintain a level of curiosity, especially as it turned out, Going Full Correos can – and will – surprise you in the best way possible.

This curiosity was only compounded on entering the Vault and being welcomed by a table mysteriously covered in a black sheet. It stood out like a sore thumb in the otherwise ordinary room and would end up playing a big part in one of the many highlights of the night.

The surprises came thick and fast as Correos stumbled onto the stage unannounced. Adding to the unconventional entrance was the fact that he was completely bound by black tape, with a thick strip of it covering his mouth. The gag offered the raucous audience a quick and easy laugh, as well as an opportunity for audience interaction as mugged on stage for what seemed like an eternity (though a hilarious one), motioning in vain for audience members to cut him out of the tape. (I hear on good authority however that he changes the intro to his show from night to night)

Going Full Correos is a very varied show with a mix of observational stand-up, story telling, act outs (extended ones at that) and of course masterfully delivered physical comedy. Throughout the night Correos discussed everything from drinking games and fast food, to losing his dad in a casino – all of which were done in his charmingly chaotic style (which also included a ‘see-it-to-believe-it’ costume change.

The best part of Correos’ performance is his ability to judge how far he has to go to get a laugh, a useful skill to have when a large chunk of his comedy involves gross out humour, coming at you full kilter, and as a Billy T winner, he has the ability to effortlessly read, and play to, a room – mining each audience interaction to the greatest effect. In fact, Correos is so quick-witted and responsive as a comic that at times it was hard to know how much of his material was pre-planned and how much was delivered on the spot.

If his remaining NZ International Comedy Festival shows have not sold out, I would highly recommend that you get ticket as it is a sight that can only be seen to be believed and the kind of show where you never know what might happen next, if you’re shivering with anticipation, go out and watch this show.


What: Going Full Correos

Who: David Correos

When: 3 May – 6 May

Where: The Vault at Q Theatre

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