David Oakes returned to the Kingslander this year with a new show Sex Drugs and Veggie Rolls, after the success of Limited Company, performed at the same venue, the year before.

I always enjoy venturing out of my flat to enjoy a chill night of comedy in a relaxed environment, and this is made even better by getting to watch comedy as good as Oakes delivered.

I had not been to the Kingslander since the previous years Comedy Festival and was instantly taken by the place and what a perfect venue for comedy it was – the brick walls and couches invite you in, almost making it seem like you’re witnessing a show in your own living room.

The stage setup was a standard microphone and table, what you might expect for straight stand-up comedy. There was an effort to personalise the backdrop, with banners with the name of the show written on them, were placed against the back wall. A simple touch, but a personalised touch nonetheless.

The crowd was warmed up by the fantastic Bridget Davies, the opening act on the night. Bridget is a rising star in her own right and a talented performer, delivering observations and anecdotes, coming from her young and refreshingly genuine perspective.

This was followed by the featured act, David Oakes. David began the show by riffing on his own triumphs, in an affably self-deprecating manner, before leading into the bulk of the show, based around his life as a self professed Skiwi (short for Scottish Kiwi).

Through this framing David riffed on a variety of topics including Scotland’s relationship with drugs, recent experiences as a vegetarian and life as a Scottish man in New Zealand.

Oakes is a relaxed performer, maintaining his wit in delivering one liners, with a lot of the show dedicated to story telling, all in his cynical perspective and distorted worldview.

Sex Drugs and Veggie Rolls was a relaxed night of pure stand up, and a great way to spend an evening.


What: Sex Drugs and Veggie Rolls

Who: David Oakes, Bridget Davies

When: 10 May – 11 May

Where: The Kingslander

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