The weather in May has been a mixed bag, the sort that probably inspired Crowded House to write their classic song ‘Four Seasons in One Day’.

I found myself once again at the Cellar of Q Theatre on a muggy night, almost as if the humidity likes to hide and wait until I find myself there again.

I exaggerate of course, the Cellar is a lovely venue, a stage in the front, and a bar in the back, the perfect ingredients for a night of comedy.

As I took my seat, beer in hand, I observed the stage, a simple set up, with a sole microphone sitting on the stage, an indication that the effort probably went into the performance as opposed to the backdrop. I feel this deduction was proven correct, as Marika, China and Lauren were able to create the magic on the stage.

I was impressed by their efforts to weave a narrative into the show, with sketches in between the stand-up sets, reflecting on how the show was going, with tongue-in-cheek fourth-wall-breaking references to how they were going to perform the show (while the show was happening of course).

These sketches ranged from ordinary amusing situations, to off the wall hilarity, all performed fantastically, all 3 working well with each other.

China Gonzalez’s set was first, stating her role as the one who warms up the crowd, a fitting role, as China is well on her way to becoming an excellent MC in her own right.

She was calm and conversational with the crowd, regaling them with details of her life as a cat loving Mexican living in New Zealand and how she has acclimatised to her new home in Grey Lynn.

As someone who came to New Zealand from overseas, it was refreshing to see her spot on observations of New Zealand culture from an outsiders perspective.

Marika Jackson followed strolling on with an impressive confidence that carried through her performance. Marika is a story teller, with anecdotes which are a nice mix of funny and refreshingly awkward. She is a performer who revels in her naivety, which is a feature that makes her instantly likable to the audience.

The nights stand up was concluded with Lauren Mabbett, who in contrast is quite a dry performer, combining her impressive wit and dark sense of humour to deliver one liners and tell stories about her life, her experiences in America and her unapologetic lack of athleticism. I particularly enjoyed Lauren’s ability to engage the audience with an interesting anecdote, before hitting them with the dark twist.

The night was topped off with a surprise ending, which should purely be witnessed and I will not spoil here. All I will say is that it tied the show together wonderfully and was absolutely hilarious from start to finish.

P.S. We Also Love Cats was an enjoyable comedy experience, and a wonderful mix of stand up and sketch. The stand up was solid, and sketches well performed, you could tell hours of work had been put into this show. Well worth checking out these rising stars this comedy festival season.


What: P.S. We Also Love Cats

Who: Marika Jackson, China Gonzalez and Lauren Mabbett

When: 10 May – 13 May

Where: The Cellar at Q Theatre



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