To say the weather was inclement on Thursday night would be an understatement, the cloud looked down on us ominously, a precursor to the downpour that would follow.

While this may give lesser comedians to worry about the potential size of their audience, Guy Montgomery need not fear as I was greeted to an absolutely packed house as I walked into the Basement Theatre.

It also happened to be a lively and expectant crowd, who might have known Guy Montgomery from his internationally regarded podcast, The Worst Idea of all Time, or know from his equally impressive stand-up pedigree, as the winner of the Billy T award in 2014 and Best Newcomer at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2016.

Montgomery’s comedy is for the most part absurdist, his delivery can best be described as a rambling and pleasingly shambolic dose of comedic stream of consciousness. This approach to his material, and his effortless charm, helped immediately win over the room and set us off on a trip into his peculiar mind (there were extensive bits on browsing 7-Eleven while high, what became of milkmen, and the ins and outs of burying a cat).

The most impressive bow that Guy Montgomery has in his comedy arsenal is that he can riff off relatively normal situations and take them to fantastic and surreal places that completely take you by surprise, but also leave the audience absolutely eager and willing to take that weird journey with him.

Through his show, Let’s All Get In A Room Together, Montgomery delivers anecdotes about his life, from embarrassing moments in his childhood to the hazards of meeting new people, as well as observations on modern life and technology – observations which had me in stitches while also thinking “good point, well made” at the same time.

Guy Montgomery is a Kiwi comic who is full of confidence after a huge couple years and if his show is any indication of where his comedy is heading, he’s a comic who is destined for very big things.

Let’s All Get In A Room Together is an incredibly entertaining hour of stand-up comedy, and a nice blend of surrealist ridiculousness and spot-on observation. It’s well worth getting in quick and snapping up a ticket before they all sell out.


What: Let’s All Get In A Room Together

Who: Guy Montgomery

When: 9 May – 13 May

Where: Basement Theatre

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