It was a mild Friday evening, early evening, 5:30pm a time slot generally reserved for the more family-friendly comedians, and certainly Tim Muller is the kind of act that can be enjoyed by the whole family. This is not to say it’s comedy for kids, this is a smart show for an adult audience, but it’s the kind of show you can recommend to anyone, as it’s clean and accessible comedy.

The room was set up with a standard microphone, projector and guitar. I was intrigued as I always appreciate a show that incorporates a multimedia aspect. The guitar was not a surprise, being familiar with Tim’s work, I came in with full expectations that there’d a few sharply comedic songs dispersed throughout the night.

The show began with Muller warming up the audience, calmly discussing recent observations made about his appearance and delivering some neat visual gags about how he uses google.

The use of google was a major part of the show, Muller emphasizing the usefulness of google as a fact checker, as well as making some good points about the nature of truth and trusting the information you have been given.

Laugh Now, Google Later, contains various interactive parts of the show, and ultimately cool ways for the audience to feel like they’re part of the fun, aand have a hand in molding their experience. This included a joke roulette, where Tim invited members of the audience to pick a piece of paper containing a joke, for Muller to deliver as part of the show.

Tim Muller is a calmly confident performer, with a very clever and quirky sense of humour. In this Muller delivers a lot of very cerebral and well thoughtout gags that make you think as much as they make you laugh. This type of content perfectly matches his dry delivery which had the audience crying with laughter throughout the night.

Laugh Now, Google Later, is an enjoyable hour of comedy, with a neat mix of stand up, musical comedy and audience interaction, and a great way to start an fun filled night.


What: Laugh Now, Google Later

Who: Tim Muller

When: 12 May – 20 May

Where: The Vault at Q Theatre

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