Well here we are folks, the end of the beginning of the end of the NZ International Comedy Festival 2017.

The final week of the Fest has the honour of containing shows from this years Billy T nominees, and with this in mind I happily went along on Tuesday night, to witness the opening night of one such nominee, Patch Lambert.

I made my way into the Cellar once again, praising my own impeccable timing as it had just begun to rain (although little did I know it would rain throughout the night), purchasing myself a beer and finding myself a seat.

The show began casually, Patch, the self-described ‘bogan’ warming up the audience with self-deprecating comments about his appearance and an imaginative theory about sharks and double-denim.

The bulk of the show mainly followed his life and the various concerns contained within it – from the childish concerns of childhood and the anxiety of being a teenager, to the responsibilities of adulthood, when he himself found himself becoming a father.

In Terrordactyl, Lambert delivers anecdotes about his own experiences, all interesting and emotionally investing, letting the audience take delight in the highs and empathise with the lows, aided by Lambert’s affable nature, and the sincerity of his performance.

Terrordactyl is an intelligent and engaging show, and was a great way to kick off the final week of the fest, recommended for fans of comedy that contains storytelling and earnestness. I honestly consider it one of my highlights of the festival.


What: Terrordactyl

Who: Patch Lambert

When: 16 May – 20 May

Where: The Cellar at Q Theatre

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