Prior to the release of her debut self titled EP on June 30th, Theia will be doing three 18+ shows in New Zealand’s biggest cities this July.

Theia is set to play her EP in full at some super intimate shows at Auckland’s Neck of the Woods, Wellington’s Meow, and Blue Smoke in her hometown, Christchurch. Having played shows in New Zealand, Australia and – most recently – LA, these are no doubt the smallest venues you’ll ever see Theia play, as she’s only ever going to get more popular from here on out.

Her latest single Treat You, is one of of the coolest and most fun electro-pop tracks I’ve heard in a long while – following 2016’s Roam and Champagne Supernova – and is sure to start as many serious dance parties across the three cities as it regularly does in my bedroom.

Tickets for the three shows are just $32 each (!!), and if you don’t go, you’ll be kicking yourself in a year when you’ve finally realised the error of your ways and fallen deeply and madly in love with her, only to realise you missed out on what might have been the greatest show of your life. Suddenly she’ll be headlining Vector  Spark Arena for $100 a pop, or worse: she’ll take up residence in the States and never come home.

There are very few moments in  your life when you listen to a song by a new artist for the very first time and instinctively know that they’re going to be huge, but with Theia I truly do feel like it’s a total inevitability. Her mad talent combined with her bad-ass, empowered female outlook on life is going to have her sky-rocketing to stardom. Seriously. Do not miss out.

Tickets on sale now from Ticketmaster.

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