With an impending trip around Europe/move to the UK, I gave myself a deadline as to when I would stop writing and start packing. This deadline was 5 days ago, and yet here I am. And it’s all because of the amazing Phoebe Bridgers.

I heard one song and was entirely pulled in by her incredible new track Motion Sickness, and the super cool 80s-style lyric video that goes along with it.

There’s something about the track that makes you really feel something, the reasoning for which I can’t quite work out, since on face value, it’s a very simple song. But there is definitely something different about it. Something that brought me out of my writing hiatus and pushed me feel the need to tell the world about this incredible lady. And it’s no surprise really, considering she had previously worked with music icon Ryan Adams on her three-song single Killer. She has worked with one of the best. There are elements of her music, though, that you can’t possible attribute to another human. The high tones of Phoebe’s voice are totally effortless, and despite its otherwise subtle brilliance, that’s something that slaps you straight in the face (in a good way). She is simply outstanding. I love the track, I love the video, and I love the lyrics that tell of a potentially questionable (and thus painful) love with an older person (“And you, you were in a band when I was born”). For someone who’s only 22, she’s doing everything right, and I can’t wait to see where this album takes her.

If you’re a fan of other rad women such as Angel Olsen or Hazel English, please check out this track and go support Phoebe. Her album Stranger in the Alps will be out September 22nd, and you can pre-order that here – you’ll also get an instant grat of Motion Sickness!

“I wasn’t trying to be too lo-fi, too hi-fi, too self-serious, too disingenuous…I feel pretty confident that I’m finding my voice. I wanted the album to completely represent who I am and these songs are representative of what I set out to do.”

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