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Christchurch native “alt-pop” four-piece band took to the Powerstation stage like seasoned pros. Front woman Nakita Turner brought their electro-pop music to life through chill, wavy dance moves. With moody lighting paired with a sick drum beat, these guys are definitely a New Zealand band to watch.

Nakita Turner

From the moment the California natives stepped out on stage, you could feel the connection between these three lads and their adoring fans. Even though the floor of the Powerstation wasn’t sold out, it didnt stop lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, Paul Jason Klein, from giving the crowd all the love attention they had queued hours for.

Paul Jason Klein

The mellow key vibes of Les Priest on one side of the stage contrasted with Jake Clifford jamming out, shirtless to the fans excitement, on drums. Both shrouded in a light dusting of fog, and in front of the fog, Klein danced with full feeling. You could feel the musical energy between the three members, with slight moments of eye contact, making it obvious to the crowd that they most definitely love what they do. I truly wasn’t expecting such high levels of crowd interaction. During the third song Klein was already lying all over the full few rows, holding fans hands and undoubtedly making their night. Closing with their most listened to song on Spotify, ILYSB, with phones alight and voices loud, the vocals of Klein and the crowd rung loud in the Powerstation.
Fans leaving the venue were clearly in awe of what they had just experienced, and looks of pure happiness were on all of our faces. There is no better feeling than live music – especially when it’s delivered by a band as electric as LANY.
Track List
Dumb Stuff
Forever Yea, Babe, No Way
Bad Bad Bad
The Break Up
Someone Else
Purple Teeth
It Was Love
Where The Hell Are My Friends
Good Girls
Lie You Lots
Pink Skies
Walk Away
Super Far

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