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With the promise of a free meat pack from The Rock’s Mike Garvey and a steady stream of beer flowing, the crowd at the final stop on Decades‘ All Our Truths Tour were in for an excellent show. The night started with Wellington-based band Bakers Eddy who leapt around the stage with unimagineable levels of enthusiasm, amping the crowd up.

Following them, we had the more recently formed Dead Favours – who include Steriogram’s own Jared Wrennall on guitars and vocals, the crowd excitedly told me. Their guitar-heavy set was incredibly tight, and well received by their audience.

Auckland’s Skinny Hobos set was a change in pace, with their melodic, pedal-effect-heavy music mesmerizing the crowd. As if this wasn’t enough for us, we were treated to a guest appearance as Jared Wrennall joined them for a rendition of Walkie Talkie Man, which to no surprise sent the fervent crowd into a frenzy.

Touring in support of their debut album, headliners Decades performed The Truth and Other People in its entirety, as well as a Muse cover (Hysteria) and “pop punk emo” throwback Bright Eyes. Vocalist and guitarist Emma Cameron commanded the stage from the moment she stepped out, performing the very personal album with such passion and intensity. Liam Muir (guitar) was a natural performer who thrived off the enthusiasm of the crowd, while Daniel Perry (drums) and Curtis Booth (bass) kept the backbone of the set in flawless sychnronisation as they played off each other.

The band plowed through the technical issue of Emma temporarily breaking her favourite guitar with apparent ease, and looked to be having as much fun as the crowd. The All Our Truths tour came to a loud, cathartic and memorable end, proving that Decades are the Kiwi band you need to keep your eyes on, for their honest music and live performance is not something to be missed.

And yes, the crowd did get Mike’s meat.

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