There are few things as uplifting as seeing cute indie boys dancing alone, and the music video for Seventeen, released by Vancouver locals Peach Pit, is no exception.

A guitar-soaked indie ballad, Seventeen is filled with quick, rolling percussion, as the spritely frontman Neil Smith takes to various empty spaces to light them up with his vivacious dance moves, noting in the video’s description that Seventeen is one of the first songs he wrote for Peach Pit. Smith says that he “wrote it 4 years ago and at the time I’d been thinking a lot about when I was in high school and the dumb things I’d done and when I’d treated people shitty. I think like most people I tend to hold onto that sorta stuff for way too long, anyways the song’s all about those times when I was being a dink.” 

Hopefully new music is on the way soon – but right now, you can find a couple of their compelling live performances of Drop That Guillotine and Almighty Aphrodite (with bonus dance movies) on their YouTube channel and check out their endearing, 4-track compendium, Sweet FA, on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Peach Pit are lauded for their discordant yet exceedingly mellow and earnest tracks, and are pretty much the coolest little weirdos in the indie scene – they also provided me with some comfort while I was writing an essay from hell, with the advice, “Good luck, dogg.” I love them. Give this a watch, and you will, too:

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