A few days ago, Bandcamp Staff issued a statement saying that they would be donating 100% of their shares in sales to the Transgender Law Center – a non-profit organisation that actively works to bring equality to policy and culture – as a response to the Tr*mp Administration’s latest effort to derail human rights. Bandcamp have been especially charitable this year and have done their part in resisting the cruel and discriminatory actions of the Administration, hosting a fundraiser earlier in the year for ACLU in support of their efforts against the travel ban.

Over 200 bands and labels have joined in the movement (list right here), with many others sharing their support across various social media outlets and donating their own proceeds on top of this. To support them, all you have to do is purchase music through Bandcamp.

If you need help deciding, here are some cheeky suggestions for you:

Twin Peaks


Best Coast

Car Seat Headrest

Frankie Cosmos


Revolution, I Love You

Sub Pop

Rum Bar Records


Music is the absolute best and most magical thing in the world, second only to seeing people band together to protect and take care of one another. To combine the two is one of the most pure and ultimate acts of goodness.

Bandcamp said it best when they released an updated post thanking those that had supported them and TLC:

“We did hear from a few individuals who suggested that we “stay neutral” and “just sell music.” To those people we say this: an attack against any marginalized community is an attack against all of us.”

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