Since their video releases of Sweet FA and Seventeen, we’ve come to look forward to Peach Pit’s endearing brand of quirkiness and adore their self-described ‘bubblegum pop’ tunes. Preparing us for the imminent release of their debut LP, Being So Normal, the band have dropped another music video today to pair with their (somewhat revamped) song, Drop That Guillotine.

The music video features a beheaded Neil, while reminders of his lost love dash around in the background, appropriately symbolic of how it feels when you are truly brokenhearted. The video’s description tells us that it is an ode to high school experiences when his “much better looking best friend was really good at swooping in and stealing away any new crush” that he had. Been there, bud.

Being So Normal is set for release on September 15th – so, in the meantime, get hyped by grooving to this track and appreciating Neil’s signature dance moves (and purple sweater):

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