If you hadn’t already heard, my favourite indie Chicago rockers, Twin Peaks, have been releasing a brand new single every single month this year (and intend to do so until its end). The enactment of this project, titled ‘Sweet ’17 Singles Series’ has served in solidifying their band as one coloured by classic rock influences and a touch of their own quirkiness.

As explained by guitarist Cadien Lake James, the band have been touring constantly and figured that “a good way to release new music without having to carve out the time to record a full length LP between tours would be to track whenever we could find the time, and release the music in a series of singles.” This has also given them the freedom to explore different musical avenues without it having the pressure of thematic consistency expected from an album. Either way, it works well for us fans, because now we don’t have to wait for undetermined amounts of time to be reunited with these sweet, impeccably dressed goofballs.

As if we didn’t need more reason to love them, they have also been fervent and committed advocates to several social and political movements taking place in the USA, often taking to Twitter to condemn injustice and stand with minorities. The band also took part in the Our First 100 Days musical activism project, which allowed artists who wanted to make change to help raise funds that would be donated to organisations that were now threatened under the new Administration, such as climate change, women’s rights and immigration.

Thus far, Twin Peaks have treated us to the slow and sweet, Shake Your Lonely, rolling riffs in Sun and the Trees, the psychedelic gem, Tossing Tears and the warm, 70’s-inspired ballad, Under the Pines – and in what seems to be a rare and exciting case of a band only getting better as time goes on, Twin Peaks’ latest releases are the gentle, Rolling Stonesesque, Come For Me, accompanied by the fuzzy, discordant Fat Chance.

So, even though the year is passing quickly, a small comfort is that we at least get to spend each month with Twin Peaks, awaiting their new musical releases. Check ‘em all out right here for a good dose of happy, nostalgic tunes:

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