Following the release of their debut single Horses, the delightful sister duo DUNES are back with another killer track Hard.

The track, which is led by the younger of the two, Tessa, is a lovely yet sad piece of music, highlighting how turbulent, confusing, and painful love can be.

The track has a dreamy and ethereal feel to it, and the video reflects this entirely. Each shot shows Tessa lying on her back in a number of locations in which you might find yourself as you daydream about the issues that are tugging on your heartstrings, or the person that shattered your soul. The video shows another side to the duo, particularly Tessa, who is portrayed as bare and vulnerable, and adds depth to the already heart wrenching track.

Despite spending a lot of their childhood apart, Tessa and Jamie have so far come together to create 2 flawless tracks, and I am so excited to see what they have yet to share with us. The pair are two of the kindest and most hilarious people I have ever encountered, which, combined with their undeniable chemistry and talent, is sure to see them reaching crazy levels of success – both within NZ and internationally ✨

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