Amy Shark is nothing short of magnificent.

I couldn’t have anticipated the absolute madness that I would arrive to when I finally made it out of the house and to the gig at an incredibly packed Kings Arms Tavern. Shark had completely sold out her (second ever) Auckland show, so the beloved venue was treated to an incredibly full and hectic night.

Pinned between my friends and some very enthusiastic strangers (who insisted on walking in and out of the door no less than fifty-seven times), I echoed the sentiment of one of Shark‘s own songs – I want the entire street out of town – although it was wonderful to see that so many people had chosen this as the place they wanted to be, to experience an individual who is, incidentally, an unstoppable force of energy and light.

When the crowd had eventually settled down, Amy Shark delighted us all with some on-stage banter before she launched into Drive You Mad – the first track on Night Thinker and an ethereal, electronic trip that resonated with the intensity of the room and set us up for what was to come.

One of the best tracks of the night was the vivacious Blood Brothers (and I danced as much as I could while sandwiched between the entirety of New Zealand); the crowd sung along during her heightened rendition of Weekends, and what followed was Shark‘s passionate performance of Deleted, telling us that the motivation behind its creation was the fear of being forgotten and left behind by this person you care for, especially in an era where everything is immortalised by social media (“don’t forget to watch our deleted scenes”).

Of course, the final song of the night was Adore – and as each song before this had sufficiently unearthed all our deepest heartbreaks and emotions, it was a perfect way to farewell the evening, as Amy Shark serenaded us with an, “Auckland – I adore you.”

Other points of note:

  • Live music is the closest thing that we have to magic, I swear.
  • Some dude kept screaming “Amy Shark!” at regular intervals, which became less annoying and more endearing because I don’t think he could believe he was seeing her. Really. seeing. her.
  • She gave me a massive hug afterwards and I’ve never felt cooler in my life.

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