After an absence of six years, Fleet Foxes returned to the world brighter than ever with their courageous new album, Crack-Up, released earlier this year. Since then, the band (comprised of Robin Pecknold, Skyler Skjelset, Casey Wescott, Christain Wargo and Morgan Henderson) have been showcasing their album and have announced two Auckland shows for January 2018, which are likely to be as beautiful and captivating as their live performances are known to be.

Fleet Foxes are one of the bands I thought I would never get to see perform live (along with Vampire Weekend and Iron & Wine because no one comes to visit us in New Zealand), but with the promise of hearing Cassius, – or I Should See Memphis – and hopefully some of their older tracks like Your Protector or Helplessness Blues or their classic White Winter Hymnal – is a reality that I am more than ready for.

Sure to be a phenomenal (and probably life-changing) experience, make sure to secure your tickets to Fleet Foxes and make all your early 2000s indie-folk dreams come true (and if you hear someone crying their eyes out like an absolute lunatic – come say hi. That’ll be me.)

Tickets go on sale midday Friday 29th September from Ticketmaster.

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