Now in its seventh year, The Revue, a comedy sketch show produced by 40+ young Kiwi professionals at SKYCITY Theatre is proving to be more popular than ever.

The show is a similar format to Saturday Night Live and this year it features a cast who work full time as defence force engineers, civil engineers, lawyers. marketers, accountants, designers, web editors and more.

No one is a professional performer but everyone has a Kiwi can-do attitude. It’s this attitude that has seen the show grow from the Maidment Theatre stage to the dazzling SKYCITY Theatre in recent years.

Carbolic Productions and The Revue is the brainchild of Sunil Nathu and Niven Prasad, two Auckland lawyers, who experienced the pressures of full time work as graduate lawyers in 2010. They wanted a creative outlet that would maintain a work/life balance and foster networks and friendships among other young professionals.

In 2011 Carbolic Productions was born and the production company has put on The Revue show every year since.

“The nine-to-five professional life shouldn’t be a barrier to a creative outlet” says Sunil.

He says it’s had a huge impact on the young professionals who join the cast.

“It’s a great platform for young professionals to show creative skills on stage without needing a formal route to do so.  It’s also a great avenue for young professionals to meet each other and form friendships, especially if they are originally from outside of Auckland.”

For many of the 2017 cast this is the chance to try something new and showcase hidden talents to their friends.

“I’ve met some great new people, I’m getting involved in something I never saw myself doing before and I’m enjoying it immensely,” says Gavin Walker, a 2017 cast member.

“We’ve learned to laugh at ourselves and it’s boosted confidence and morale in other areas of my life. Cheesy but true!” Explains Emily Joshua, a 2016 and 2017 cast member.

The 2017 show, “Last Call”, follows a group of bewildered mates as they search for their friend Jen the morning after best party ever. What was in their drinks? Did they accidentally snapchat their boss? Will they ever find her? Amongst the plot are skits, dances, live music, short videos, musical numbers and a stand-up comedian each night from The Classic Comedy Club.

The 2017 show is directed by previous cast members Shuchi Ghosh, Alysha Jensen and Shawn Moodie and is produced by Sunil Nathu and James McGeorge.


What: The Revue: “Last Call” – a comedy sketch show by young Auckland professionals
When: Thursday 12 October and Friday 13 October. Attendees can choose which night they attend.
Time: 7:30pm both nights
Where: SKYCITY Theatre, Victoria St & Federal St, Auckland, NZ
Tickets: Available at and iTicket


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