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Against The Current hit our shores next week for the first time! The 3-piece will be playing at the Tuning Fork, performing tracks off their debut album In Our Bones. Shelley had the chance to have a little chat with lead singer Chrissy Costanza ahead of their show here in Auckland.

The new album is called In Our Bones, where did the idea for the album artwork come from? Was it quite an obvious idea or did it stem from something else?
Yeah, with the album artwork I was just trying to provide the best visual representation of what was meant by IN OUR BONES as much possible. We’re talking about In Our Bones as a way of saying the drive to be musicians, travelling, playing shows etc. It’s kind of born into us, in our bones, within the deepest elemental part of our being. So it was trying to have a visual representation of that, with it all exploding out of the ribcage, with the colourful lines. So that’s where that came from.

I’ve seen in other interviews that your music is written from personal experiences and real life. Is there anything else that motivates or inspires you to write?

Yeah I mean, for the most part, I think your eyes and ears are the best sources of information for song writing. Sometimes it’s not always based on what happened to me but what you are just watching happen around the world, from watching someone else or to your friends, or what have you. So I think a lot of the time the songs come from, not even just personal experience, but first-hand information. Just anything that you’ve gathered kind of walking in life, or walking through the world, anything that you’ve seen, heard or felt and those kind of manifest themselves.

You’ve played Australia before with Alex Goot, but next week you’re playing here in Auckland, how did you all feel when you knew you were finally jumping the ditch to see us here in NZ?

We were really excited because we’ve only been to Australia once and that time we were not able to go to new Zealand at all so we’re very excited that we get to go somewhere new and play somewhere very exciting for us. It’s just a new learning experience and we don’t know what to expect at all. We haven’t been to Australia in 3 years so it will be a really cool experience for us being able to see everybody and meeting everyone and seeing what a New Zealand show is like.

Yeah and I suppose it would be a bit different for you guys since this time it is your own headline tour?
Yeah last time we were supporting Alex and that was a bit more different. The fanbases were really different because we were just starting and Alex is a YOUTUBE artist so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of show is going to happen because obviously now our fans are quite a bit different than they were.

You guys have mentioned you are on the home stretch of the In Our Bones tour. How does it feel that it’s coming to an end? Is there any new music in the works yet?

Yeah I think it feels like it’s been so much longer than it has. We have been on this tour for a really long time and I think we’re all really excited to get some new music out. We’ve been working on new music before the tour and we’ll be working on it when we get home. And I think that after playing the same songs every single day for almost 2 years straight I think we’re ready to have fresh music and a new set/show etc. So we’re really excited to get our new record out there.

Well I know we’re all definitely excited. You’ve toured with some very well-known bands such as All Time Low and Good Charlotte, is there any artist that you would love to tour or collaborate with?
Ohhh that’s a hard question off the top of my head. There’s so many bands that I listen to all the time that I would love to collaborate with. I really love Bleachers. So that would be really cool. Also Ryan Tedder (One Republic), he’s an incredible writer so I would love the opportunity to be able to write with him as well.

Oh yes Ryan is awesome. How did it feel playing the iconic READING & LEEDS festival?

It was awesome! It was such a rush and it was so much fun. Our shows in the UK are always fun, there’s a lot of high energy there. So it was a really cool set and a really cool experience. Also we haven’t really played a festival before so that was also a really cool experience to have.

Did you have an idea of how big READING & LEEDS was before you got there?

We had a small idea. But I think it does feel completely different once you’re actually there. It’s absolutely massive and we were really excited that we were able to play.

Is there an essential item that you take on tour?

I always take this like, this seems really weird and I don’t know how to explain it, but I always take this like charging strip that’s like got like 4 power and outlets, 4 USBs and it’s kind of massive. But I take it wherever I go and during the day I keep it in my backpack because I always need to have that, I need to charge all my things.

The band’s name came from 1 of your favourite quotes from The Great Gatsby. I also saw you tweet you downloaded a bunch of books, including LOTR, for your long haul flights. What are your favourite books?

I downloaded LOTR and I was really excited to read them for the first time. I downloaded the Game of Thrones books because I watched the series and realised I hadn’t read the books either. So hopefully I’m going to complete them. I switch out between the 2.

That’s a good idea so you’re not taking in too much at once. I have watched a few of your vlog videos and I’ve noticed from photos etc that your makeup always seem flawless. Are there any particular brands or staple products you use and any tips/tricks to maintaining that while on tour/performing?

Oh thanks! I kind of just use anything waterproof. I use this eyeliner from Makeup Forever that’s marketed as a cream eyeshadow I guess that’s jet black, I use it as a gel eyeliner and it’s super waterproof. So for the most part I don’t usually get all that black stuff under my eyes. Sometimes I do because during a show you get so sweaty that nothing’s really going to hold it no matter what. But I just waterproof the shit out of my face.

Following on from that, I think you have great fashion sense and I was wondering if there is a staple or favourite clothing item you can’t do without?
I have these boots that are from, they’re called Gentle Soles and honestly I just love them because they’re really comfortable. They’re like orthopaedic-friendly and made to cushion your feet. My feet always hurt so I like orthopaedic boots.

Do you find it hard to maintain your vlogs while being in an active band?

Oh yeah! I’m terrible at it. I mean I’m getting really bad at it and there’s no getting around that.

So where are you guys now? Because I think I saw your tour is in Thailand or Malaysia?
Yeah we’re in Thailand right now. We actually had kind of a nightmare-of-a-flight yesterday where our flight got delayed like 4 times and we had to sit in the airport for like 8 hours before we actually got to get on the plane. Then we had to sit on the plane for another 2 hours before it actually took off and we finally got here.

Is there anything that I haven’t asked or we haven’t mentioned that you really want to add? Or any words for your NZ fans?

Just that we’re really excited to come to New Zealand for the first time. It’s a place that I’ve heard so much about like how beautiful it is and we have friends who have gone there and absolutely love it. So we’re just really excited to come play a show there and meet our New Zealand fans for the first time ever.

Thank you for chatting with me Chrissy. I look forward to your show and I wish you guys all the best on the rest of your tour.
Yeah thank you so much. It was nice speaking to you. Have a good one.


Tuesday October 3rd
Tuning Fork

Tickets still available from Ticketmaster

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