Our favourite sister duo Dunes are back with their latest killer track, Cowgirl and I am very excited.

As has become quite the trend with Tessa and Jamie, the track combines each sister’s greatest musical influences, country and hip-hop/R&B, creating a wonderfully novel twist on most pop music that’s in the charts today.

Cowgirl is nostalgic, motivational and uplifting in that it focuses on liberation and power gained through experiencing hardships, but its underlying inspiration came from the female-dominated horsey shows that the two would watch as children. And while it clearly tells a story of the girls’ childhood, it is also ambiguous enough that you can apply it to your own life experiences, resulting in a track that provides an insight into the duo’s lives while still being relatable and accessible to its listeners.

“The song pays tribute to that strength and freedom she embodies but not without recognising the risks and hardships you often need to experience to have those things be prominent in your life.”

Dunes have a true talent when it comes to songwriting, and the sentiment that lies in both their music and the visual components that accompany that music (among a million other great qualities) makes them an extremely loveable pair.

The video for Cowgirl shows the two making their way together through the various terrains of their hometown, the stunning Mangawhai, which reflects the different periods of our lives that we must manoeuvre in order to become the people we are today. Directed by Garth Badger of Thievery Studios, it’s Dunes‘ most beautiful video yet, which is perfect really, considering Cowgirl might just be their most beautiful song.

I personally can’t wait to see what else they have to offer, and thankfully we don’t have to suffer for too long since their debut album is out next Friday (!!!!!) and can be pre-ordered right here.

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