Jamie McDell has been busy this past year, not only working alongside her sister Tessa on their sister project Dunes, but also working on some music of her own.

While Dunes is a perfect amalgamation of the two sisters’ influence, Jamie’s own music has always been unapologetically her, with a strong country/acoustic influence, showing off her incredibly unique voice and making up the soundtrack of those Kiwi summers since 2012’s Life in Sunshine.

5 years later and Jamie is still going strong, today marking the release of her track Tori, taken from her upcoming third studio album Extraordinary Girl. 

The track features backing vocals by Australian country singer/songwriter Kasey Chambers and is said to encompass the sound of the entire album, which takes influence from John Denver, James Taylor, and Jimmy Buffett to name just a few, and was recorded in the home of country music – Nashville Tennessee.

Extraordinary Girl was written exclusively by Jamie, but will be home to a number of other feature artists, such as the stunning Tami Neilson, and its release will kick off NZ music week in style with the release date set at May 4th.

The record is set to be her most vulnerable yet, with raw vocals and addressing the turmoil that comes with leaving home to embark on something unknown.

“Nashville was me getting out of my comfort zone and finding my way back to it. I like to write songs quickly and alone and quite frankly, when I feel like it, and I think being away from home helped me get back to that headspace… The listener is getting a sincerely true collection of stories that haven’t been tampered with since they were written. They are exactly what I felt like saying/singing at the time – raw, unpolished, and deeply honest.”

For now though, you can bask in the honest beauty that is Tori and its B-sides A Liar Loves A Liar and He Went to Paris to get a real taste of what’s to come with the full album.

“I wrote this song on a spring afternoon sitting at a wooden desk in Inglewood in around ten minutes. I was reflecting on an old love of my partners’ and the lyrics and melody started to flow. I admit – I was nervous to release something so factual, but I’ve never been one to go back and edit my music once I’ve completed a song so it is what it is.”
– Jamie on Tori

And if that weren’t enough, Jamie will be celebrating the release of her 3rd record with a nationwide tour, starting on release day at our fave venue The Tuning Fork in Auckland before heading to Whangerei, Christchurch, and Hamilton with more dates to be announced. How spoilt are we!?


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