Words by Kim Newton

Debuting at the NZ International Comedy Festival this year was a young, fresh-faced, or rather self-proclaimed ‘resting-bitch face’ Savanna Calton.

Some people would say that 1 hour doesn’t seem like a long time to get to know someone, however 1 hour with this Wellingtonian felt like having drinks with a close friend on a Thursday night, who; a) had no filter, b) had a strong aversion to political correctness and c) had some damn funny stories to catch you up on.

During the show Savanna openly banters about her sexual fantasies, relationship problems with her boyfriend and the hardships that come along with finding the right lesbian to match with on Tinder.


Savanna gives a good anecdotal story and enjoys sharing them in explicit detail, which at times left me wondering if her boyfriend was in the audience, however in all honesty I don’t think it would of mattered. At some points, I was laughing out loud, whilst at other times I was sitting on my seat thinking “should I be laughing about this?” Always a good sign.

Despite the resting bitch face, overt sarcasm and deeply mono-toned voice, there was a sweet and charming nature about Savannah that made me want to keep the friendship going once the show was over.


What: Resting B*tch Face

Who: Savanna Calton

Where: Cellar at Q Theatre

When: 1-5 May

Facebook – Savanna Calton

Twitter – @savannacalton

Instagram – @savannacalton

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