Kiwi comic Pax Assadi is a comedian on the rise. The half Iranian, half Pakistani comedian was a Fred Award Finalist in 2016 for his NZ International Comedy Festival show Mid Season Form, and now he is back with Brown Famous and took the time to talk with us once again (here’s our last interview with Pax). Pax spoke with our very own funnyman and Comedy Editor, Oliver Smith.

Q&A: Pax Assadi

How did your comedy career start? What made you decide to try it?

PAX ASSADI: I saw Eddie Murphy Raw on TV at the age of 12 and became obsessed. The only reason I was allowed to watch it was because the only adult at home was my grandfather who didn’t speak English and didn’t realise that a 12 year should not be watching Eddie Murphy Raw.

My career started because when I was 19 I decided to go to the Classic Comedy Club and try It.

Did you ever think that you’d be doing comedy for a living?

PAX ASSADI: Yes, I gave myself a 5-year window and If i didn’t get anywhere in 5 years I’d go get a normal job. Luckily, I didn’t have to follow that timeline because I married a lawyer.

In your opinion what do you think the difference between a comedy club set and a full hour of comedy?

PAX ASSADI: A comedy club set is rarely longer than 30 minutes. So, there is not much time for anything other than set up, punch line. In an hour, you have the room to do things other than just jokes. Like talk about your feelings and make salient points about what’s wrong with our society…. but ew yuck who wants to listen to that.

What can we expect from Brown Famous?

PAX ASSADI: My feelings and salient points about what’s wrong with our society….

Also, lots of funny stories about my life. If you’re a parent, somebody’s partner or a person of colour you’re going to enjoy this show.

What’s it like performing on your own in comparison to as part your sketch trio, Frickin Dangerous Bro

PAX ASSADI: The main difference is that when I’m with FDB I’m completely fearless because I have two other guys to fall back on. With stand-up the shared experience of the audience is all on you.

As someone who dabbles in both sketch comedy and stand up, which would you say is the first one you fell in love with?

PAX ASSADI: Stand-up comedy is definitely my first love. I didn’t see sketch until later in life when Youtube became a thing and I got access to shows like the Chapelle Show and In Living Color.

Out of the two, which do you enjoy the most?

PAX ASSADI: I love doing both, but I don’t think anything will ever match the feeling I get when I’m on stage doing stand-up comedy.

Having seen a few Frickin Dangerous Bro sketches on Maori TV, can we expect to see more of FDB on television?

PAX ASSADI: Stay tuned *wink wink*

Where do you get your crazy ideas from?

PAX ASSADI: Real life. Anything that happens around us is a potential sketch or stand-up idea.

What excited you most about festival time?

PAX ASSADI: The paycheck at the end. I got mouths to feed!


Pax Assadi is currently touring the country with Brown Famous as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo. Full show details here 

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