Words by Grace Chua

It was a mad rush Friday at work and I just received a message from a friend who unfortunately had to pull out of attending Urzila Carlson’s comedy show. It was unfortunate because it was a full house. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation for one of New Zealand’s top female comedian.

The audience was a mixture of people from all different age groups. I have never watched a single Urzila show so I could be expecting anything at this stage.

Behind the mic-stand, Urzila is surrounded by rainbow colours projected on the wall. Urzila is a proud gay woman which I have come to realise. She jokingly talks about her homophobic neighbours who have wifi usernames as “No gays” or the discrimination she faces being on the heavy side.

The topic for the night show she introduces is, “loser”. The word “loser” usually has negative connotations unless it refers to losing weight, Urzila explains. Get ready losers, lets tackle our failures she cheers.

Urzila’s reputation has been phenomenal. She has won impressive awards including Best Female Comedian at the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 NZ Comedy Guild Awards. One must wonder how a South African woman found her way to New Zealand and managed to nail such prestigious awards.

Perhaps it was due to her quirky experiences of eating pies outside dairies only to find herself empathising for overweight people who have to receive abuse hurled from moving vehicles. Or it could be down to having a good understanding of how ugly people should recognise good looking people and give way on footpaths.

Coming from a difficult background in South Africa, Urzila had migrated to New Zealand for a better life and touched on topics common to foreigners like myself. One was the mysteriousness of the Kiwi bird. Why can’t New Zealanders pick a bad ass bird like the Seagull? She has a point. Maybe New Zealanders should be petitioning to change the national bird and not the flag.

Other topics most relatable she brings up is the daily grief of Auckland city drivers who frequently encounter ungrateful drivers who don’t thank other drivers by raising their left hand. “If they claimed they didn’t have a left arm, then they bloody well use their heads to jam on the hazard lights.” She also gives a solution to teach ungrateful pedestrians a lesson by slowly knocking them over in full view of everyone.

At this point I hear the audience roar in laughter, and I guess what makes this show so impressively funny is the fact that Urzila makes every day life in Auckland so relatable. If you enjoy relatable everyday jokes, this is one show to not miss!


What: Loser

Who: Urzila Carlson

Where: SKYCITY Theatre

When: 3-6 May

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