Here we are in week 2 of the fest, my week starting strongly with on of the UK’s rising stars Phil Wang, with his hit show Undefined.

It was a moderatly breezy night on Tuesday, about 3 to 4 on the Beaufort scale. Humidity was sitting at 71%, which was wonderfully mitigated by the excellent ventillation of the Classic Studio. Temperature was 16ºC although it definately felt like 14ºC, we are certainly easing into the colder part of autumn, at least where nights are concerned, still the sky was mostly clear, so swings and roundabouts.

We made our way up the stairs to the Classic Studio, great way to get some extra cardio, particularly as we made the trip up the stars twice, mistakenly thinking the doors were already open. We were treated to some epic sounding oriental music, apt thematically, as Wang does discuss his heritage within the show. He then came onto the stage to Kung Fu Fighting, also apt as he also discusses asian stereotypes.

Undefined is a very personal show, in it Wang discusses his childhood, his parentage, and his own identity and experiences as an British-Asian, as well of venting his frustrations about the things that irk him (I can relate). It is a show full of incredibly well constructed jokes and observations, and some great insight into britain’s political situation with his unique perspective. All of which had me in stitches throughout the hour of comedy.

This was all performed in Wang’s easy going, laid back style, putting the audience at ease, letting them know that he had the room all under control. His material a nice mix of deeply personal experiences, and very relatable observations.

Undefined has truely been one of the highlights of this years festival, one of the best parts of the NZ Comedy Festival is witnessing talent from oversees that you would not see otherwise, Phil Wang is one such talent.

Undefined, while highly accessible comedy does contain adult themes, so while I’d recommend this show to anyone, maybe not the prudes. Get in quick though, as his shows are selling out quickly.


What: Undefined

Who: Phil Wang

When: 7.15PM, 8 – 12 May

Where:  Classic Studio

Note: There is also an extra show at 5:30PM on 12 May in main room of The Classic


NZ International Comedy Festival In Review: Undefined - Phil Wang
Phil Wang makes his NZ debut with his hit Edinburgh show Undefined, a show filled with insight and merriment
  • Full Control of the space
  • Well Constructed Jokes
  • Interesting Insights and Perspective
8.8Overall Score
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