It was a moderatly clear night at about 8:45PM on Tuesday, although there were some passing clouds, moving slower as the South Westerly winds had slows to about 14KM/H, the humidity at about 74%, something that was felt in the Q Theatre Cellar, a room that when it gets hot, it gets hot.

We had come to watch Young Dumb And Full Of Comedy, a double bill featuring Lucy Roche and Ray O’Leary, a duo with a good number of credits to their name, Roche the Raw Quest Winner in 2016, and O’Leary a Billy T Nominee last year.

As I sat beer in hand I noticed the background  music had a mellow feel, it was a mix of contemporary electro pop and indie pop, providing a loungy feel.

Lucy Roche was the first act on this evening, starting slowly with some audience interaction, managing to warm up, with personal experiences with STDs and observations about Day Time Television. Sex and Dating was very much the theme of Roche’s 30 minute set, discussing the dangers of internet dating and revealing details of her own relationships.

Lucy Roche’s charm is the juxtaposition between her soft spoken and reserved manner and the topics that feature in her comedy. Her material is relatable, sex and dating is a large part of life, but her insights still feel personal, a lot of the humour derived from a clever turn of phrase. On this night there were occasions when some jokes didn’t land, this could have been lost in delivery or maybe just the wrong audience on the wrong night. All the same Lucy displayed the her status as a solid comedian with a bright future.

Ray O’Leary was the second to perform, his cultivated appearance of a suit and tie and thick rimmed glasses matching his dead-pan shtick. The bulk of his set were observations about aspects of his life, from his taste in music, to the time he was momentarily homeless following an accident with a tree. The latter part of his set took a more political bent, addressing the hot topic of immigration. Finishing with a long routine that was remininiscent of Stewart Lee, something that earned a lot of points with me.

Ray O’Leary is refreshingly dead pan, and incredibly witty, showing his pedigree as a talented joke writer. His material a nice mix of political and social commentary.

Young Dumb and Full of Comedy is an interesting hour of comedy, displaying the life and times of ever increasing cynical youths, and features two talented and award winning comedians.

Recommended for fans of dry wit and cynicism.


What: Young Dumb And Full Of Comedy

Who: Lucy Roche and Ray O’Leary

When: 8:45PM, 8 – 12 May

Where:  The Cellar at Q Theatre

NZ International Comedy Festival In Review: Young Dumb And Full Of Comedy - Lucy Roche & Ray O'Leary
Award winning comedians Lucy Roche and Ray O'Leary present Young Dumb And Full Of Comedy, a show featuring the insights and cynicism of youth.
  • Award Winning Line Up
  • Clever Material
  • Insightful Social Commentary
6.9Overall Score
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