It was a mild night of Wednesday as I awaited Eli Matthewson’s latest outing An Inconvenient Poof. There was little chance of rain, the temperature sat at a mild 16ºC , great conditions to sit outside and enjoy my double brown (the classiest of beers). Making my way into The Basement Theatre I felt the warmth of a packed house, hungry for a fresh hour of comedy, the warmth aided by the humidity that had risen to 94% during the evening.

The room had a standard set up, mic stand and table, sound of high energy pop music in the background, the crowd was lively, they were there to be entertained, a great atmosphere for a great hour of stand up comedy.

Matthewson came out to 60s gem Eli’s Coming by Laura Nyro, slipping a gag into his opening song, beginning the show by riffing on his song choice, easing into the topic at hand, his attempt to use his platform to make the world better.

An Inconvenient Poof is a politically charged show, in which Matthewson discusses a variety of social topics that impact the world today, the environment, marriage equality, veganism, the rise of the alt right and racism. Matthewson explored these issues, telling personal stories and examining the motives of those who form either side of the arguments and considers what he might do to make the world a better place.

This show is a combination of observation, personal stories and social commentary. Matthewson bears his mind and soul, revealing the details of past relationships and domestic life with his current boyfriend, as well as delivering a well thought out perspective on the issues that affect the world we live in today.

Eli Matthewson has a wonderful energy about him, he gleefully delivers punchline after punchline, leaving the audience in stitches throughout, and An Inconvenient Poof is the kind of show that will make you laugh, but also make you feel and make you think.

I would recommend this show to anyone who likes comedy that comes from a personal place.


What: An Inconvenient Poof

Who: Eli Matthewson


When: 8:30PM, 8 – 12 May

Where:  The Basement Theatre


When: 8:30PM, 15 – 18 May

Where:  The Fringe Bar


NZ International Comedy Festival In Review: An Inconvenient Poof - Eli Matthewson
An Inconvenient Poof is a political charged examination of social issues that society faces today, in this Eli Matthewson discusses these issues and his own experiences with them.
  • Great use of call backs
  • Positive energy
  • Hilarious stories and interesting insights
8.6Overall Score
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