It was late on a Wednesday night as we made our way back into the Vault to see Brendon Green’s “My Mates Dave.”, the humidity still sitting high, a threat of scattered showers hidden within the clouds as they passed by, a westerly wind now blowing at 13Km/h. (We learned as we left the theater, that it had rained while we were in the show, which I would say is fortunate as I had not brought an umbrella).

As we entered the Vault, there was the distinct sound of indie folk, something I enjoyed as that is genuinely my jam. The stage was heavily personalized, decorated with panels featuring drawings of everyday items on them, such as a variety of sports balls, or a wheel. In the corner there was a stool and a guitar.

Green began by discussing the ‘comedian opening with a self-deprecating joke’ trope, relating it to an experience he had while aiding the Class Comedians Programme, finding himself being roasted by teenagers, many of the comments as spontaneously funny as they were cutting.

The bulk of this show is a combination of stories about various people Green has known called Dave, and in what way they have influenced his life, with a musical interlude thrown in for good measure.

Through these stories Green discusses the nature of masculinity, friendship and how to live your life.

My Mates Dave is an absolute emotional roller coaster, Green really display his pedigree as one of New Zealand’s top storytellers, delivering tales that could be amusing, insightful and some downright touching. This show at times has you rolling on your seat laughing, and at others hits you with an intense case of the feels.

I was impressed in particular, by how well structured the show was. Out of all of the shows I have seen in the fest, My Mates Dave, is one of the best structured, each story easily flowing into the next, all of it feeling connected, all of it feeling like a complete work of art.

Considering this, I’d recommend this show to fans of story telling comedy. I would also recommend this show to people who like clever comedy and to fans of comedy that well make you laugh, but also make your feel.

Most importantly I’d recommend this show to anyone, because everyone has a mate named Dave.


What: My Mates Dave

Who: Brendon Green

When: 10PM, 16 – 19 May

Where:  The Vault at Q Theatre

NZ International Comedy Festival In Review: My Mates Dave - Brendon Green
Brendon Green's My Mates Dave is a collection of wonderfully crafted stories about people he has known in his life called Dave.
  • Well Constructed Show
  • Emotional Rollercoaster
  • Excellently delivered stories
9.2Overall Score
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